Terjemahan dari facet
aspect, facet, side, angle, feature, sector
aspect, facet
wave, tide, influx, swell, phase, facet
Definisi facet
one side of something many-sided, especially of a cut gem.
The many voices of the metropolis only come together like facets of a many-sided prism in the fourth projection, which stands separate from the other three.
sinonim: surface, face, side, plane
  • surface, face, side, plane
  • aspect, feature, side, dimension, characteristic, detail, point, ingredient, strand, component,constituent, element
  • aspect
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Such sequences were nothing new to Jost’s films – indeed they constitute a distinct facet of his authorial style in most of the earlier features as well.
What may sound like the stuff of science fiction is set to become an integral facet of the day-to-day lives of millions of people.
A facet is an aspect or dimension of an object or piece of information.
This method, which is utilized mainly in respect of overseas transactions and constitutes an importantfacet of banking business, is considered further below.
Isn’t this a normal facet of business daily life?
Is there any facet , any aspect of hockey that is better on the smaller ice?
Conservation must remain an important facet of any eco-tourism business and the projects should do well economically to succeed, she feels.
Cone cells number four per facet in many compound eyes.
Cyberspace right now is made up of a series of windows on the real world, that allow us to see views, or facets , or aspects of people elsewhere.
In the hardened and tempered condition the fractured surface shows dull facets .
For example, although crustacean compound eye facets are diverse, most are similar to insect ommatidia.
Pitt pulls off an outstanding performance in this role, maintaining a credible balance between the comedic and the serious facets of Mickey’s character.
To attract holidayers to the State during the Southwest monsoon, brochures detailing the various facetsof the monsoon have been brought as in previous years.
Modified brilliants have the same facets and facet arrangement.
He walked to the window, and suddenly, it shattered and produced a million facets of light.
Because they weren’t flattened, you could see the planes where they articulated, like facets .
A growing body of literature has tested the linkages between various facets of religion and individual well-being.
There are relationships between all of the angles of the 58 facets on a diamond.
Drosophila compound eyes are composed of 800 identical facets or ommatidia.
The brass ornaments caught the shimmer of the candle light that I held in my hand and reflected the rays back with the facets that had been pounded into their surface.
It also refers to the number of facets , or flat surfaces, on a diamond.
The rock was also a little slimy, which was the result of much salt encrusting the facets of every feature.
If you look through only one facet at the other facets , they look distorted and wrong.
All the facets of the business environment were deliberated, to shed new light on the working of corporates.
Women are not simply one dimensional; we have many different facets to our characters.
When different cultures come to live side by side, they naturally and wonderfully begin to assimilatefacets of each other.
The recognition that both individualism and relatedness can have both positive and negative facets has become more pronounced in recent years.
The resulting communication failure featured a number of facets .
There are two basic styles: one features small square facets while the other has grooves running all the way around the body of the glass, vase or candle holder.
The various facets of his character occasionally complemented his ambition and ideals, but more often resulted in confusing contradiction.
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