Terjemahan dari desperately
all out, desperately, furiously


Definisi desperately
in a way that shows despair.
he looked around desperately
sinonim: in desperation, in despair, despairingly, in anguish, in distress, wretchedly, hopelessly, desolately, forlornly
  • in desperation, in despair, despairingly, in anguish, in distress, wretchedly, hopelessly,desolately, forlornly
  • seriously, critically, gravely, severely, acutely, dangerously, perilously, very, extremely,dreadfully, hopelessly, irretrievably, terribly
  • urgently, pressingly, intensely, eagerly
  • urgently
When militias attacked her village the young mother ran desperately for her life.
Modern Britain desperately needs modern railways, run by professionals who care.
He desperately tried to get control of the car but crashed into a lamppost.
The Irish province have come desperately close in the past, competing in two of the last six finals.
But, at the beginning of the week she was at her wits end desperately trying to save the club.
Workers are now desperately searching for the female deer, who they believe is still at large.
he desperately needed a drink
Both the Metropolitan Police and his family are now desperately concerned for his safety.
I am desperately heartbroken for all the people involved in this terrible tragedy.
Within a week he was desperately poorly again, and this time did not recover.
It is desperately disappointing to win so much primary possession and then not to be able to hold on to it.
Rescue workers battled desperately to save a cow which had fallen into a stretch of the River.
The critics had been savage and he desperately needed a change of scene.
Fran added that Mark had to go through so much in his desperately short life that his death was a release for him.
She was desperately trying to maintain a family life and progress her career.
We desperately need age, experience and character on the backbenches of our parliament.
But she has not seen her son since and now she is desperately pleading for him to make contact.
Josh’s fists were a blur as he tried desperately to defeat Kevin’s iron defense.
The man, who has worked at the lake for five years, said the site desperately needs a clean-up.
Nothing has changed apart from now, if I need a player desperately , then we can do something.
he desperately needed a drink
Some thriller writers, he admits, do desperately want to be taken seriously, but not him.
He desperately needs to strengthen the side but has been told to cut costs.
I am desperately disappointed
There are lots of other facilities that could desperately do with the cash.
It was a desperately disappointing championship for the conglomerate of Scots.
he looked around desperately
Pretending he is a songwriting genius, however, is desperately wide of the mark.
She stared so boldly and so forlornly and so desperately that her heart could have done her talking for her.
He was found trapped by a workmate who desperately tried to revive him before paramedics arrived.



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