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windowpane, pane
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a single sheet of glass in a window or door.
Doors with glass panes require a double-cylinder deadbolt to prevent someone from breaking the glass, reaching in and unlocking the door.
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  • paneling
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You should now see the audio tracks displayed on the right pane of the software window.
Click on a file in any of 220 formats and it will be displayed in the viewer pane .
The pane of 24 stamps also contained 24 connecting tabs in 12 designs.
You are given a molecule, displayed in the right-hand pane , with its component atoms scattered in a maze of sorts.
This cover bears a pane of nine stamps from the Wedgwood £3 book of stamps and is unaddressed.
Rather than foregrounding a central object when I gaze into a store window, I become interested instead in all that a single pane of glass can contain.
Roberts then appeared in the kitchen having smashed the glass pane in her door and removed the security chain.
They had a row and he left and at Brown Street kicked a door and broke a pane of glass.
Each booklet contained a pane of 10 37c stamps from the current definitive range.
The glass pane on the door and every window were reduced to tiny fragments.
The entire outside wall was a single pane of glass, covered only by a lacy curtain.
The View tab under the Settings menu allows you to add or remove items displayed on the Task pane .
It has some great features, including tabbed documents and a multi-pane screen with the ability to keep notes in a separate pane .
Once you have added all the keywords in the right pane which are applicable for your site, click on the next keyword in the left pane which is applicable for your site.
And better yet, the top half of the door was a large pane of glass that gave him a great view of the kitchen.
It is still out of bounds, its ghostly emptiness – whole streets without a single pane of glass intact – telling its own poignant story.
Mrs Platt said glass panes in the door of another Church Street shop had also been damaged in the same way.
A MAN who pleaded to causing damage to a door and breaking two panes of glass at a house was ordered to compensate the owner, at the November 22 sitting of Carlow District Court.
Earlier in the day, my oldest brother had accidentally broken one of the glass panes in our kitchen door, which my mother had temporarily patched with a flap from a cardboard box.
It could have been easily mistaken for a mall, with its multi-story commercial looking structure and the massive glass panes and doors.
The browser has unique features, including the ability to split the window into panes , with each pane displaying different web sites or even a web site and the contents of a local directory.
Doors are now large panes of glass with unobstructed views of the beach.
When they entered the wooden doors with glass panes , a young teenage man with spiky blond hair and a cute grin greeted them.
As an example, here are images of the panes of a computer using a standard USB keyboard and mouse, and one using a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse connection.
Doors with glass panes require a double-cylinder deadbolt to prevent someone from breaking the glass, reaching in and unlocking the door.
When single panes of toughened glass are used overhead such failure can have dangerous consequences.
In 1958, the Post Office ceased the practice as collectors were purchasing only the plate blocks, leaving broken panes of stamps in post offices.
Glass panes in select cabinet doors show vintage dishware; others bear fabric and chicken-wire inserts.
When I saw the painting, strangely executed on the upper glass panes of a door, I was spellbound.
There are two long, narrow windows and a walkout door with glass panes to a deck in the bedroom
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