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eyebrow, brow
brow, eyebrow
Definisi eyebrow
the strip of hair growing on the ridge above a person’s eye socket.
Frontal sinusitis can cause pain above your eyebrows , and your forehead may be tender to touch.
supercilium, brow
He had a killer bruise along his jaw-line, and a cut above his eyebrow had been stitched.
She needed three stitches above her eyebrow and now thinks glass bottles should be banned.
He pointed to a scar above his right eye cutting a crooked path through his bushy eyebrow .
A vertical line ran down from just above his eyebrow to the bottom of his cheekbone.
You can test this by taking a small hammer and gently tapping your forehead just above the lefteyebrow .
My right eyebrow has one white hair that grows about four times faster than the rest of my hair.
Frontal sinusitis can cause pain above your eyebrows , and your forehead may be tender to touch.
Yes, I have just had to pop out, only to come back with snow on my eyelashes and furrowed eyebrows.
She had black shoulder-length hair with a heavy fringe, and a round face with bushy eyebrows .
He’s an ugly man with blond hair and blond eyebrows , thick lips and small hands.
The hair of the scalp, eyebrows , and eyelashes are of separate type and develop fairly early in life.
My antennae can smell, too, thin, blue cords above my silver eyebrows and blue eyelids.
He had short, straight blond hair and blond eyebrows – which may have been bleached.
It is said the Colonel used a little comb to train his eyebrows to grow in a dashing upward curve.
Opposite her sat a man, with dark hair and strong dark eyebrows , stubble around his lower face.
Suddenly a burning pain seared through the centre of her forehead, just above her dark eyebrows .
He had a chubby face, stubble, dark brown piercing eyes, dark eyebrows and short dark hair.
All of her major organs were formed but she had no eyelashes, eyebrows or cartilage in her ears.
He had a long dark brown mustache and bushy eyebrows , his dark blue shirt was tattered and torn.
People with exophthalmos are able to look upwards without moving their eyebrows .
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