Terjemahan dari extraneous
foreign, alien, strange, extraneous, outside, exotic
yg tak ada hubungannya
Definisi extraneous
irrelevant or unrelated to the subject being dealt with.
one is obliged to wade through many pages of extraneous material
sinonim: irrelevant, immaterial, beside the point, unrelated, unconnected, inapposite, inapplicable, superfluous
  • irrelevant, immaterial, beside the point, unrelated, unconnected, inapposite, inapplicable,superfluous
  • external, outside, exterior
  • foreign
  • immaterial, orthogonal, impertinent
  • outside, external
Lebih sedikit sinonim
As a student becomes more proficient, extraneous material can be added.
Maybe after elections, when the passions will cool down the whole issue would be considered on its merits and demerits without bringing in extraneous and irrelevant issues.
Part of the problem here surely goes to Sarris’s editor, who should have been able to reduce the amount of extraneous material.
One of his goals was eliminating extraneous engine noise.
Often the teacher gives extraneous material with nothing to reference.
This ability to block out extraneous input material is a natural security system we have developed.
It is unconvincing and essentially extraneous material.
Who knows what children born of such techniques may have floating around as extraneous genetic or viral material?
Asked if he was paying attention to extraneous noises, he said: ‘No.’
We examined each sample with an optical microscope to ensure that no extraneous material was included in the sample; none was seen.
It requires use of a hammer mill to chop or break up stems, followed by cleaning treatments to remove the extraneous material.
If the landlord made its decision for a collateral purpose, unrelated or extraneous to the lease, the refusal will be found to be unreasonable.
‘It is absent of any extraneous noises or acts that we would not associate with a normal aviation environment,’ Black said.
A spokesman for Rochdale Council said they were now aware of the extraneous light and would deal with as soon as possible.
At a very minimum the victim should have installed a firewall which can deal with the extraneousmessages received.
Appendices enable the student to demonstrate due diligence without distracting or confusing the reader with extraneous material.
To aid in the interpretation of mutant phenotypes, we subjected several of the various stl mutant chromosomes to recombination to remove unrelated extraneous mutations in linked genes.
Effective cleaning methods include presoaking and manual, ultrasonic, or washer/ decontaminator cleaning to remove soil and extraneous material.
So well are all extraneous sources of noise kept under control that it is dangerously easy to exceed the motorway speed limit.
It’s not only the newspapers that are being made carriers for such extraneous material.
Trainees no longer have extraneous materials and can even have their name printed on their customised training manuals.
Trimming extraneous material from the mirror to reduce inertia results in the typical elliptical or polygon-shaped galvo mirror.
A girl can distinguish between the cries of another infant from other extraneous noises long before a boy.
Overall, the authors’ main points are clearly presented and thoroughly explained and without the intrusion of extraneous material.
Also, in gatherings it may be difficult to use, because of the impact of extraneous noise.
In undertaking these controls, we could be confident that any cues that did occur in the test tank arose directly from the fish themselves and not from any extraneous material introduced with the fish.
To the extent that extraneous material assists in identifying the purpose of the legislation, it is a useful tool.
One example of an extraneous element irrelevant to any story-based or character exposition occurs after Sergio returns from the airport.
Foreign coins and other extraneous objects go to one side.
I haven’t done any editing on it though except to leave out some clearly extraneous material.



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