Terjemahan dari melodious
tunable, melodious, melodic, sweet, tuneful, mellifluous
conformable, in tune, consistent, harmonious, harmonic, melodious
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Definisi melodious
of, producing, or having a pleasant tune; tuneful.
the melodious chant of the monks
  • tuneful, melodic, musical, mellifluous, dulcet, sweet-sounding, silvery, harmonious,euphonious, lyrical, easy on the ear
  • musical, melodic
  • tuneful
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A golden bird sang a melodious song as it sat, perched in a glittering green tree.
She may not have the usual melodious voice, but that is not a negative, she explains.
Daniel was quite busy playing a melodious viola-violin duet with Delia.
The cassette has one soulful, melodious stretch of instrumental music that is sure to be soothing to anyone listening to it.
Thanks for adding your rich voice to this melodious group.
About a year later Flagello wrote Sea Cliffs, which is a melodious , sentimental, short work for string orchestra.
I also enjoyed Howard Shelley’s playing in the concluding Allegro moderato which is also verymelodious .
Liszt tells the poet’s story with music that is memorably melodious and dramatic; this is one of the highlights among the thirteen.
This recording is exciting, gorgeous, weaving the rhythm of the drum with melodious strings, wind instruments and female chant.
Running her tiny fingers on the keyboard, Ksemya plays such melodious music that the after-effect lingers on for a while.
But Sylvia had the sort of melodious and cultured voice which defied classification; her English and Afrikaans were of a high order.
His high range of melodious voice and the magic in it seemed spellbinding.
In contrast, the dances of Asia stand out for their splendid colour and costumes and melodiousinstrumental music and drum beats.
His melodious and lyrical voice cradled the cries of infants and raged passionately against the dying of the light.
Some of the most popular and melodious Bulgarian hits invited everyone to dance even though there was little space for hand waving and impressive steps.
In Asha’s case, it was her melodious voice that led her to Carnegie Hall.
It’s a good song, catchy and melodious with decent lyrics.
The 64 melodious polyphonic ring tones, which are composed on a Yamaha piano, offer a wide variety of choices, from classical to New Age and even funk.
The conductor and the orchestra have played the melodious and popular classics ad infinitum and they want a change.
They sang beautifully, several melodious old tunes I’d never heard before.
Her voice, soft and melodious , carried throughout the small cafĂ© easily so that there wasn’t a single corner that wasn’t untouched by her voice.
He spoke with his ladies in a friendly, melodious voice as he carried out boxes of expensive, impractical footwear for their pleasure and delight.
No sooner had the melodious Chopin finished when a newfangled Gershwin song was beating away.
But given the right platform, those blessed with a melodious voice can certainly go places.
Josef Suk can always be counted upon to produce good, well crafted and melodious music and these three compositions certainly live up to that description.
By comparison, their playing was straight, sometimes lumpy, with no attempts to arch the phrases in amelodious fashion.
From 1912, this piece, in the key of E minor, is very expressive and melodious with an element of sadness.
Her parents were Carnatic music teachers too, and her home was always full of melodious voices.
Though untrained, she had a natural melodious voice.
Lamar’s voice had a sweet melodious sound to it.
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