Terjemahan dari evaporate
evaporate, yawn, vaporize, vapor, volatilize, boil away
vaporize, evaporate, volatilize, vapor, steam, vapour
vanish, evaporate, dissolve, go out, flee, fleet
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Definisi evaporate
turn from liquid into vapor.
cook until most of the liquid has evaporated
sinonim: vaporize, become vapor, volatilize, dry up
  • vaporize, become vapor, volatilize, dry up
  • dry out, dehydrate, desiccate, dehumidify
  • end, pass, pass away, fizzle out, peter out, wear off, vanish, fade, disappear, dissolve, melt away
  • vaporise
  • vaporize, vaporise
  • melt, disappear
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this gets the oil hot enough to evaporate any moisture
Urey’s approach was to collect a large volume of liquid hydrogen and then to allow that liquid toevaporate very slowly.
this gets the oil hot enough to evaporate any moisture
The good will that existed in the wake of a closely fought contest seems to evaporate .
Because of their heavier weight, heavy water molecules evaporate less readily than light water molecules.
It turns out that all liquids can evaporate at room temperature and normal air pressure.
In this case, the liquid or solid will eventually evaporate or sublimate completely.
If it is too hot, the liquid will evaporate not absorb.
In this case, the liquid will eventually evaporate completely.
The railways might, in the words of Cabinet colleague Charles Clarke, ‘make or break’ him but they could also see Labour support among the travelling middle classes evaporate .
My point is that it bothers me that so many things we were assured of before and during the war seem to evaporate in its wake.
The heat of vaporization is the heat that is absorbed to transform a substance from its liquid state to its vapor, that is, to boil or evaporate the liquid substance completely.
When the accounting shenanigans were exposed, the company’s credibility evaporated , as did its sources of credit and cash.
It is surprising how many plants can be moved and also how effective the dew is in helping provide moisture and stopping evaporation .
The lipid solutions were mixed in required ratios and the solvent was evaporated , first under a stream of nitrogen and then in vacuum over night, leaving a lipid film behind.
The tank becomes cold as a result, and the pressure inside the cylinder remains essentially constant until all the liquid has evaporated .
As Americans confront the evaporation of their dreams, they are beginning to look at where their jobs have gone.
The process of evaporating the liquid to a gas absorbs heat, and condensing it back to a liquid releases it.
In the past, the police have often arrested or interrogated suspects in major criminal cases – cases that then evaporated without explanation.
Check from time to time that the liquid has not completely evaporated – there should be just enough left to make a bit of a sauce with.
The goodwill and rapport that certainly existed before is simply evaporating .
As the liquid evaporates , its vapor replaces the air in the flask.
On entering the evaporators , the solution contains approximately 14% sugar.
He said the bottles were not sealed when they were not in use, and this had led to a deterioration of alcohol content through evaporation .
However, while he had some support going into Thursday’s meeting, that has now largely evaporated in the wake of his comments about not acknowledging the vote.
Ramirez smiled thankfully, some of his worries evaporating under the summary.
The liquid evaporates in the heat pipe’s evaporation section.
But at the same time, take a lesson from the union that not so long ago, voted in a new president and the $300,000 bank account suddenly evaporated .
The ethanolic solutions were combined and evaporated to dryness at 40°C with the aid of continuous ventilation.
Today the whole process of collecting sap and producing syrup has been mechanized, plastic tubing taking the place of galvanized pails and the wood stoves replaced by electric boilers and automaticevaporators .
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