Terjemahan dari descend
down, fall, go down, drop, get off, descend
descend, climb down
descend, get attacked by, alight, light
perch, alight, descend, attack
stop by, visit, call, drop in, stop in, descend
stop by, drop in, stop off, stop in, come by, descend
inherit, heir, succeed, come into, descend, come in for
merendahkan diri
descend, grovel, cringe, truckle, abase oneself, demean oneself
befall, afflict, come, fall on, beset, descend
come, draw on, descend
Definisi descend
move or fall downward.
the aircraft began to descend
sinonim: go down, come down, drop, fall, sink, dive, plummet, plunge, nosedive
make a sudden attack on.
the militia descended on Rye
be a direct blood relative of (a specified, typically illustrious ancestor).
she is descended from Charles II
sinonim: be a descendant of, originate from, issue from, spring from, derive from
  • go down, come down, drop, fall, sink, dive, plummet, plunge, nosedive
  • climb down, go down, come down
  • slope, dip, slant, go down, fall away
  • alight from, disembark, get down from, get off, dismount
  • stoop, lower oneself, demean oneself, debase oneself, resort, be reduced
  • degenerate, deteriorate, decline, sink, slide, fall
  • come in force on/upon, arrive in hordes on, attack, assail, assault, storm, invade, swoop (down) on, charge
  • be a descendant of, originate from, issue from, spring from, derive from
  • be handed down, be passed down, be inherited by
  • derive, come
  • deign, condescend
  • fall, settle
  • go down, fall, come down
Lebih sedikit sinonim
the aircraft began to descend
In moments I descend to depths I would have assumed impossible without scuba gear.
he was scrupulous in refusing to descend to misrepresentation
Caroline leapt out of the van as heavy rain began to descend .
the aircraft began to descend
It’s all picture perfect, even if the night does descend rather early and hangs on for hours on end.
Doors slid silently closed behind him and he began to descend .
Darkness was beginning to descend and it was time for the happy couple to make the long journey home again where Mick’s plan was to have a few pints in his local before closing time.
The docks are high over the black water, which slams against the retaining walls; stone steps descend, made slippery by seaweed.
And then, as darkness descended , two sets of supporters assumed position.
I am both immigrant and invader, descendent of immigrants and invaders.
Such shifts have been described for both response rates and threshold determinations when both ascending and descending orders of current or frequency values are presented.
If you choose to traverse across the hole, the original descent is marked by three prominent fallen stalagmites in front of you, with a slope descending from them.
Angel walked the hallways without trouble until she turned at the right hallway and saw several flights of steps descending before her.
Alas this was not to be as a deluge of rain descended and the dancing had to be abandoned.
As we began descending from mountains into the desert, I saw agaves, cacti, and ocotillo thriving on the dry, rugged slopes.
He remarried, and after his own death in 1556, his property descended to his son William.
We finally got over the dune and we began descending .
From this flawed start the report descends into farce.
Eight friends came to visit and descended on my living room.
Heathcliff dies intestate, the property descends – as it should – to the young lovers, and the two great houses revert to their dynastic owners.
By the end of ‘Cromosomi’, with its tricky harmonic sequence that descends in semitones, he had the audience in the palm of his hand.
My father was a descendent of Henry and Harriet.
A quarter of a mile further on, at the eastern limb of the bay, the path descended steeply, zig-zagging across the cliff face to a stretch of beach to the east of Holland Point.
You can then decide on posting order: whether alphabetically or by date, ascending or descending .
As we began descending , he reminded me to check my altitude and the terrain.
As darkness descends , standing there looking over us, the tree takes on an almost human demeanour, especially when it is lit by a rising full moon.
White hart deer graze the lawns, said to be descended from two white harts given by Elizabeth 1 to her god-child.
By now it was nearly 4pm and darkness was descending fast.
However the situation soon descends into something more sinister.
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