Terjemahan dari geriatric
Definisi geriatric
of or relating to old people, especially with regard to their health care.
a geriatric hospital
an old person, especially one receiving special care.
a rest home for geriatrics
Contoh geriatic
I’ve still got a long time left in me and I can play until I’m a geriatric .
The 14 geriatric hospitals included 18 buildings that housed 36 nursing departments.
Max’s main studies related to the organisation of primary health services and geriatric healthcare delivery in Israel and he was committed to medical education.
Health maintenance of geriatric patients is an integral part of daily medical practice for most family physicians.
Indeed, many aspects of preventing and managing infection in nursing homes embrace good geriatricmedicine.
I am rapidly turning into an TV-loving geriatric .
Quinn rode his first winner in 1981 and at 42 – hardly a geriatric in the flat racing game – he retains a hunger for winners that would shame a man half his age.
How can standards in geriatric health care be raised?
But maybe the incessant weeping is legitimate; the way these whippersnappers treat their elders these days would bring any geriatric to tears.
The rangers need not fear that they are signing a vulnerable geriatric .
Her lustre is all the greater because, at 34, she counts almost as a geriatric and carries enough injuries to condemn a horse to the knacker’s yard.
Potential members of the study were identified at 22 community-based health care centers withgeriatric long-stay facilities.
Let the people vote in who they want to even if he is a senile geriatric with one foot already in the grave.
Several factors, such as the input of geriatricians and good communication between members of the multidisciplinary geriatric team, led to better use of medicines.
The nurses at the geriatric hospital kindly shared his care with the family.
Annual in-home geriatric assessment with quarterly visits by geriatric nurses also delays disability in persons without impairment.
Though I am no geriatric yet, I can confidently croon the song, ‘Those were the best days of my life!’
He is attending physician in internal medicine and geriatric medicine at St. Luke’s Hospital.
The rapidly expanding group of older nephrology patients is a positive reflection of recent developments in medical care and offers an opportunity to establish links between nephrology and geriatric medicine.
Before this he had started as a clinical assistant in the geriatric department at Paignton Hospital.
Some were community dwelling ambulatory patients attending a health clinic and others were inpatients on a geriatric ward.
Using an organized approach to the varied aspects of geriatric health, primary care physicians can improve the care that they provide for their older patients.
An ongoing evaluation of effectiveness requires reassessment at regular intervals to rethink medication regimens in light of changes in the health status of geriatric patients.
If it were an episode of the TV show, we would be calling him ‘Monty Burns’, the wealthy geriatric who runs a nuclear power plant.
We compared the quality of the current rehabilitation scheme in local hospitals with intensive rehabilitation in a geriatric hospital ward.
The fuzz gun rattled in the absent grasp of his failing fingers like a collecting tin in the hands of an arthritic geriatric .
He joined the faculty as a young geriatric , his first position being upright.
Compared with these school environments, the indoor climates at our geriatric hospitals were characterized by higher room temperatures and lower relative humidity.
Primary care physicians must be diligent in assessing the immunization status of geriatric patients and providing the recommended vaccines.
Governments cannot pay for all feasible geriatric health car



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