Terjemahan dari avid
avid, enamored, hipped, enamoured
penuh keinginan
yg gemar sekali
mad, crazy, avid
yg ingin sekali mendapat
Definisi avid
having or showing a keen interest in or enthusiasm for something.
an avid reader of science fiction
sinonim: keen, eager, enthusiastic, ardent, passionate, zealous, hard-core, devoted, dedicated, wholehearted, earnest
  • keen, eager, enthusiastic, ardent, passionate, zealous, hard-core, devoted, dedicated,wholehearted, earnest
  • greedy, esurient, devouring
  • zealous
Lebih sedikit sinonim
Most of them read cookery books with as much avid interest as articles about dieting.
She looked at me with avid interest, with those eyes so much like mine.
He was also an avid reader of the newspapers and a great man for television and radio programmes.
He has rarely been interviewed and though he is an avid reader of newspapers, he has no wish to read about himself.
An avid reader, she used to carry around a list of tricky words to help her to remember their spellings.
She was a keen letter writer, an avid reader and biblical student, and was active in church and community.
An avid reader, he was also a committed Christian and regularly attended church.
He had a great love for his country and was an avid reader of Irish and local history.
I am not an avid reader of other newspapers because they are too focused on just real news stories.
I am an avid reader of your magazine and look forward to picking up my issue every Thursday.
She was used to befriending her students and taking and avid interest in their lives.
The middle classes are the most avid readers of novels, non-fiction and even poetry.
Pat had a lifelong interest in model railways and was an avid reader on the topic.
Two avid readers of this column had seen us arrive and kindly retained their table until we were ready to take over.
An avid reader, he took his first forays in the world of writing during his childhood years.
Denton hopes it will also be a resource for avid readers or students of writing.
An avid reader, Dr. Murray was a man who greatly enjoyed home life with his wife and family.
As for the soldiers who do the killing and dying, they are unlikely to be avid readers of serious newspapers.
The man used to be an avid reader, but deteriorating eyesight has put an end to that activity.
An avid air enthusiast, Andy has travelled all over the world in pursuit of his hobby.
Ever since then, I read the sports pages avidly , surreptitiously cutting out news stories about you.
Today over 300 million people in China take part in some form of sport, and an ever widening range of sports are followed avidly .
But he must be treated as being a man who is not avid for scandal.
I read Watership Down avidly when I was ten; it was a cracking story.
Contrary to much prejudice, they do not want to sponge off the state: most asylum-seekers seem to me avid for work.
Recently issued authors (and more especially their publishers) are always avid for a ‘plug’ for the current product.
News of those manoeuvres had been widely circulated by a world media avid for confirming signs of ‘Muslim fundamentalism’.
She is chillingly avid for gold in the gambling scene.
The Observer reported that the play was attracting young people who were avid for its message.
Here, Labour and the Conservatives – lacking the activist enthusiasm that sustained them for most of the last century – are avid for the costly substitute of electronic technology




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