Terjemahan dari deleterious
yg merusak
baneful, mordant, detrimental, pestilential, deleterious, destructive
yg mengganggu
irritant, aggravating, irritative, pestilential, importunate, deleterious
Definisi deleterious
causing harm or damage.
divorce is assumed to have deleterious effects on children
sinonim: harmful, damaging, detrimental, injurious, adverse, disadvantageous, unfavorable, unfortunate, undesirable, bad
  • harmful, damaging, detrimental, injurious, adverse, disadvantageous, unfavorable, unfortunate,undesirable, bad
  • injurious, hurtful
A healthy person can consume a large quantity of water without any deleterious effect.
As for carbon dioxide emission – if this does have a deleterious effect, how should we deal with the problem?
Some deleterious effects ascribed to lead may include contributions from other metals.
We should vigorously oppose such a show, which can only have a deleterious effect on the moral and spiritual climate of our city.
The deleterious effect is that there can be no public scrutiny and comment on the conduct of the police investigation.
The virus causes about 1 million deaths a year due to its deleterious effects on the liver.
Any move is likely to have a deleterious effect on their health and will certainly adversely affect the quality of their life.
Nor do they show evidence of any long-term deleterious effect in children attending day-care from an early age.
I think, to that degree, it may have had a deleterious effect upon the medium since then.
In fact, the war itself would have had a deleterious effect on tourism, one would have thought.
It is currently unknown whether the deleterious effects of fats are limited to specific fatty acids.
In general, these drugs have no deleterious effects on training or competition.
Actions taken because of the fear of this older future are already having deleterious effects for lots of older people.
Moreover, scientific studies on choking reveal no deleterious after effects.
The world situation has had deleterious effects on a couple of international film festivals this week.
And finally, it examines the deleterious effect that this might have on the performer and the people around them.
Special tax treatment for health benefits has several deleterious effects.
This type of genetic shuffling may have unpredictable, often deleterious effects.
The resulting instability often has deleterious effects on the children of the relationship.
So what can be done to wind back the deleterious effects of confidentiality agreements on public safety?
They claimed that their competitive position on the market would be deleteriously affected by the grant of such aid.
Your family, your children, your pets all might be deleteriously affected by your second-hand smoke.
If you inherit a disease from your grandmother and it is a disease that manifests itself in the third generation, you yourself will be deleteriously affected.
Other Faiths have other tenets, and should be allowed to practice their religion as they see fit, always providing that practice does not deleteriously affect others.
That is, as long as adventure travel doesn’t deleteriously affect the sacred traditions of the region.



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