Terjemahan dari bumpy
bumpy, wavy, surging, billowy
bumpy, knobbly
tdk rata
bumpy, irregular, ragged, raggy, uneven, unequal
knobbly, bossy, bumpy
bumpy, bossy, knobbly
yg melonjak-lonjak
saltatory, bumpy
Definisi bumpy
(of a surface) uneven, with many patches raised above the rest.
the bumpy road
sinonim: uneven, rough, rutted, rutty, pitted, potholed, holey, lumpy, rocky
  • uneven, rough, rutted, rutty, pitted, potholed, holey, lumpy, rocky
  • bouncy, rough, uncomfortable, jolting, lurching, jerky, jarring, bone-shaking
  • rocky, rough, jolting, jolty, jumpy
Lebih sedikit sinonim
It’s a rough and bumpy road, zigzagging up from Argentière to the false summit of the Col de Montets.
There was a road leading down the opposite side of the mountain range to which they’d first come, but it would be a long, bumpy trek for someone with no anaesthetic.
By the time the full disc of the sun detaches itself from the eastern horizon, I can see land, a bumpydarker line above the dark water.
Wolf, Storm, Line and Snow held on tightly to their armrests as the ship made a decidedly bumpylanding onto the surface of the asteroid.
No fancy features which ensure outstanding comfort or softness; what you get here is a very basic pillow which feels bumpy and uneven.
Passengers will have little reason to complain about the suspension which copes well with uneven andbumpy roads.
We, being my partner Brett and I, set forth to the agreed hotspot, taking a 25 minute journey along abumpy and seldom travelled track known only to a select few.
The pair, who used their two-week summer holiday for the journey, finished on time, despite a bumpyride.
Leopards, lions, giraffes and hippopotami will parade before your camera lens to turn a bumpy Jeep ride into the trip of a lifetime.
The dynamic attributes of the C-MAX are good, with dependable handling on twisty roads and the car holds its line on bumpy surfaces.
A road as rough and bumpy as the one in Raheens can lead to many injuries and fatalities over a four or five year period.
Picnics cry out for rude plenty, the cheap and cheerful bottles that are able, above all, to withstand a hot or bumpy journey.
With great relief, I can say we’ve landed without any mechanical failures, though there were somebumpy patches along the way.
Conditions were difficult in Bangor as the match was being played on the Hibs’second pitch and thebumpy surface did nothing to enhance a game which lacked imagination from the start.
I immediately forgot about the noisy, bumpy minibus journey.
This particular town was renowned for its rocky and bumpy road.
Sure, there would be issues with narrow roads and a bumpy surface – but those are exactly the factors that make Monaco such a special test of drivers’ skills.
It was a dusty and incredibly bumpy journey to Kabul, along roads whose tarmac had been destroyed by tank treads and missile attacks.
The crust on the original pies, which often were sent to London as Christmas gifts, had to be strong enough to survive the bumpy carriage journey.
After a rough, bumpy ride, we stopped in the kitchen.
What should have been a fast flowing cat-and-mouse chase, with the highs and lows of your stomach on a bumpy sea ride, manoeuvres into two-and-a-half hours of drab mishmash.
The ride is very bumpy and dark, forcing the couple to jolt around and into each other.
The people in that locality got tired of the bumpy road, and decided to pitch in a few thousand rupees per household to build a road.
With a grunting groaning sound the old jeep started up again, and they began the bumpy journey south to civilisation, leaving clouds of red dust to settle behind.
But it was hard going for most of the match as a strong wind, bumpy playing surface, blinding sunshine and competitive opponents made it difficult for Padiham to get any sort of rhythm to their play.
She was startled back to the present when the car began its bumpy ascent up the brick drive to her grandmother’s house.
One experience few will want to recall is that of feeling ill during a bumpy air journey.
Assessment of passenger comfort will have to await testing on Ireland’s notoriously bumpy road surfaces.
Employ skilled operators to resurface damaged trenches with a smooth finish, instead of bumpyuneven surfaces.
The heather drags and catches at the feet, and the surface underneath is bumpy and unpredictable.



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