Terjemahan dari dashing
dashing, handsome, gallant, strong, manly, stout
vibrant, enthusiastic, spirited, keen, viable, dashing
handsome, personable, dashing, presentable, sharp, smart
stylish, stylized, dressy, dashing, jaunty, swanky
handsome, dashing, coagulated, sharp, goodly, congealed
impressive, perky, dashing
penuh aksi
conceited, dashing, robust
Definisi dashing
(of a man) attractive in a romantic, adventurous way.
a dashing pirate on the high seas
sinonim: debonair, devil-may-care, raffish, sporty, spirited, lively, dazzling, energetic, animated, exuberant, flamboyant, dynamic, bold, intrepid, daring, adventurous, plucky, swashbuckling, romantic, attractive, gallant
  • debonair, devil-may-care, raffish, sporty, spirited, lively, dazzling, energetic, animated,exuberant, flamboyant, dynamic, bold, intrepid, daring, adventurous, plucky, swashbuckling,romantic, attractive, gallant
  • stylish, smart, elegant, chic, dapper, spruce, trim, debonair, fashionable, modish, voguish,trendy, with it, hip, sharp, snazzy, classy, natty, swish, styling/stylin’, fly, spiffy
  • snappy, dapper, raffish, rakish, spruce, jaunty, natty, spiffy
  • gallant
Lebih sedikit sinonim
I know I’m not the most handsome or dashing guy in the world, but I’m really nice and try my hardest when it comes to impressing a potential mating partner.
He is joined by first-timer Craig Emmanuel – an 18-year-old dashing opening batsman.
I dumped the girl I didn’t like (but in a sweet, dashing James Bond short-of-way).
And Sarah Jessica Parker will never know as she’s in Italy, probably meeting some dashing Italian count who will beg her for marriage and give her a condo and beautiful children.
Monaco’s most successful driver, at that time, was a man called Louis Chiron and he was verydashing .
No publisher ever felt it necessary to stick dashing images of Auden on his books.
Lucknow was consciously aiming to surpass the glories of Late Moghul Delhi and the Great Imambara shows it could do so with dashing panache.
Aussie state cricket is bursting at the seams with dashing batsmen.
Calder, however, was at pains to pay tribute to Boroughmuir’s dashing performance in conditions that varied between plain nasty and downright vicious.
Audiences were also charmed by the elegance of the performers, often young unmarried dashing men.
But, for some reason that I couldn’t quite explain even if I tried, I didn’t tell her about the dashing man I’d been speaking to.
The funniest and most dashing idea seems to be the ‘family cus-cus weekend’ which will take place in August.
In his fleece-lined leather flight suit and dashing silk scarf, Dad epitomized exuberant youth and boundless vitality.
I just have to keep reminding myself that anyone can wear a dashing black turban and eyepatch.
His face was that of a dashing man, flawless in its complexion.
But what Chinese red is perfect for is trim and accent, those dashing color swaths that bring a room back to life.
There is a rare Puss-in-Boots, white mohair with a dashing felt feather hat and ruff, black boots, yellow sash and steel sword.
At his age, Tony Curtis was the dashing hero of colourful romps such as The Prince Who Was A Thief and Son of Ali Baba.
Now that my hair was wet, it sort of approximated the style I wanted – the dashing , modern and trendy middle aged man.
A dashing gentleman approached the lovely, dark-haired young woman standing alone by a pillar.
AS ONE OF Scotland’s most dashing aristocrats, Count Robin de la Lanne Mirrlees has led an action-packed life.
I dreamed I was in a flowing gown, whisked away on a beautiful black steed, safely encompassed in the arms of a dashing stranger.
How many times had I had my hopes dashed by some handsome, dashing man?
Then along came the man she thought she would be spending the rest of her life with, dashingScottish laird Archie Stirling.
She is firmly matched in Peter Bowles, a dashing man who carries the world in the furrow of his brow but who radiates genteel grace.
He was a dashing fellow, I had to admit, even at 50 years of age.
Are those historical romances in the Victorian / Regency age about dashing lords and young innocent debutants mere clones of each other?
And you’ll look dashing at weddings or other events when the band strikes up.
Until this point, I can see why women find him irresistible – he’s charming, polite, and dashingly handsome.
The girls wore their party dresses and high heels, the men looked dashingly handsome in their dinner suits.



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