Terjemahan dari culpable
yg bersalah
culpable, tripping, guilty, offending
yg patut dihukum
punishable, culpable, reprehensible
yg patut dicela
reprovable, reprehensible, censurable, culpable
yg patut dipersalahkan
culpable, reprehensible
Definisi culpable
deserving blame.
sometimes you’re just as culpable when you watch something as when you actually participate
sinonim: to blame, guilty, at fault, in the wrong, answerable, accountable, responsible, blameworthy, censurable
  • to blame, guilty, at fault, in the wrong, answerable, accountable, responsible, blameworthy,censurable
  • blameable, blamable, censurable, blameful, blameworthy
Now if that is not a form of culpable negligence, then I do not know what is.
The above argument is not a defence of genuine culpable negligence.
But they are both culpable for putting political life on the danger list.
We should record in particular that we have found no evidence of deliberate distortion or of culpablenegligence.
Journalists who had followed the case from start to finish could not agree how culpable she was, how knowingly she lied.
How culpable are they, can they be held responsible and will they pay for their mistake?
Here, knowledge and intent or culpable negligence would seem to be required for criminal liability.
While you list a number of shops that are failing to provide access to wheelchair users, other businesses are equally culpable .
And to remain apathetic in the face of such unnecessary suffering renders us all culpable .
In public he pleads culpable to his part in that shock result.
If they don’t, are they culpable for the death and suffering that results?
It seems to me in the media, particular in this country in the national media, are so culpable .
The culpable do not break down and confess their sins merely as the result of close questioning.
Now many of us will agree that such a person is culpable and guilty.
If we believe that humans are morally culpable for sexual behavior then we must uphold that view.
It is difficult to apportion blame since both sides seem to be equally culpable .
It will not please England, though, that two of his wickets, both front-line batsmen, were culpable .
In fact, yours truly may be even more culpable for, as he and others have repeatedly said, I found the chief.
In this, of all ages, we should learn the lesson that to put only a fraction of the potentially culpable in the dock is to invite injustice.
Equally culpable are drivers who use the outside lane, despite clear inside lanes, and travel far below the speed limit.
Instead of relating to the good human impulse here, registering it and further encouraging it, some have preferred to emphasize that it isn’t enough, that someone is culpably remiss, and so forth.
And if it is not intentional it is still culpably reckless.
Other students have been codifying laws regarding fraud, forgery and rules on criminal culpability .
The fifth and final hypothesis to be discussed concerns non-institutional agents who culpably perform acts that undermine legitimate institutional processes or purposes.
I would like to know Ed’s opinion about his responsibility or culpability in all this.
He added: ‘It is difficult to see how the Crown could argue that they hadn’t been culpably negligent if they didn’t take steps to prevent the forthcoming prosecution witness from accessing the remote sites.’
The criminal law normally reflects culpability and blameworthiness for moral wrong in a general sense.
Police are investigating whether there is any criminal culpability surrounding how the indoor arena was being operated.
The section confuses issues of legal responsibility or liability and moral culpability .
Whether on issues to do with the environment or with the family, with economics or with education, with popular culture or with sex, they were wrong to various degrees – from the mildly wrong-headed to the absolutely and culpably mistaken.



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