Terjemahan dari conjecture
guess, notion, allegation, conjecture, presumption, hunch
guess, conjecture, guess work, shot
guess, conjecture, riddle, guess work
invention, fiction, conjecture, concoction, confabulation, confab
invention, confab, work, conjecture, ruse, measures
speculate, conjecture, undertake a risky venture
guess, conjecture
estimate, conjecture, size up
grope, feel one’s way, feel about, grapple, toy, conjecture
Definisi conjecture
an opinion or conclusion formed on the basis of incomplete information.
conjectures about the newcomer were many and varied
sinonim: speculation, guesswork, surmise, fancy, presumption, assumption, theory, postulation, supposition, inference, (an) extrapolation, an estimate, a guesstimate, a shot in the dark, a ballpark figure
form an opinion or supposition about (something) on the basis of incomplete information.
he conjectured the existence of an otherwise unknown feature
sinonim: guess, speculate, surmise, infer, fancy, imagine, believe, think, suspect, presume, assume, hypothesize, suppose
  • speculation, guesswork, surmise, fancy, presumption, assumption, theory, postulation,supposition, inference, (an) extrapolation, an estimate, a guesstimate, a shot in the dark, a ballpark figure
  • speculation
  • hypothesis, supposition, speculation, surmise, surmisal, guess
  • guess, speculate, surmise, infer, fancy, imagine, believe, think, suspect, presume, assumehypothesize, suppose
  • suppose, hypothesise, hypothecate, theorise, theorize, speculate, hypothesize
In places where those records are incomplete or lost, we are left to conjecture when people from past centuries were born.
You must not be influenced by sentiment, conjecture , sympathy, passion, prejudice, public opinion, or public feeling.
He was as sparing with critical opinions as he was with textual conjecture – only about ten percent of his notes might be called judicial.
Of course, if that had been the case I would conjecture the set would grow from two discs to about 48.
It was as though I had opened a faucet that everyone was just waiting to see opened, so they could start throwing the conjecture around.
Because of its posture, if it had been a human being, one might conjecture it was melancholy with a slight reluctance as to what it was doing, akin to a child in pursuit of a lost toy.
He is aware of the present trend away from textual conjecture .
There are several cases, however, where I have had to conjecture a reading of the text in order to make sense of it.
Our conjecture is that, in general, contextual information requires more attentional resources and intentional processing to encode and to retrieve than does item information.
I treated that information as plausible conjecture and afforded it credibility as such.
So I guess the conjecture can continue through the foreseeable future.
The generalised Poincaré conjecture has since been shown for all dimensions greater than 4, but the original conjecture has so far remained unproven.
His exact reasons for calling it quits remained a matter for heated public conjecture .
Given this procedural assumption, that integration often creates a need for further integration, it is possible to conjecture the future development.
Maybe there just is no mathematical proof whatsoever which decides the conjecture .
This conjecture was worked on by many famous mathematicians.
I can only conjecture the reasons that the organisers had for arranging this visit.
Based on experimental evidence he was able to conjecture certain laws which were not verified until many years later.
And has the conjecture been supported by rigorous mathematics or a mere dismissal?
the Goldbach conjecture
The conjecture is that speculators are acting on insider information.
a matter for conjecture
Everyone knows it holds true for every number you can think of but provide rigorous mathematical proof and you win yourself a million bucks – courtesy of the book’s publisher, and in the process turn aconjecture into a theorem.
As an adhesive, we conjecture that energy in the fibrils is lost upon decohesion and unloading.
Until then, the issues that John claimed to be ‘pointing out’ are just opinion and conjecture .
Indeed, this is far from a theoretical conjecture .
I am only making a conjecture based on website flight information.
From this, we conjecture global stability in certain cases.
the purpose of the opening in the wall is open to conjecture
What leads a mathematician to make a conjecture ?



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