Terjemahan dari ambiguous
berarti dua
ambiguous, double-edged
tdk pasti
indefinite, indecisive, indeterminate, unsettled, unstable, ambiguous
yg diragukan
dubious, questionable, equivocal, ambiguous, clouded, fishy


Definisi ambiguous
(of language) open to more than one interpretation; having a double meaning.
the question is rather ambiguous
  • equivocal, ambivalent, open to debate/argument, arguable, debatable, obscure, unclear,imprecise, vague, abstruse, doubtful, dubious, uncertain
  • equivocal
Judging by the reactions of some in the audience, the content of the film wasn’t ambiguous to everyone.
Had it been seen abstracted from that context by the US public, there would have been a moreambiguous reaction.
Two viewings suggest that deciphering the complex, ambiguous plot may not be worth the effort.
People have ambiguous , often funny notions about this ancient system of Indian medicine.
For the record, I say to the House this law is ambiguous in terms of its interpretation.
Then it strikes me that perhaps, like an ambiguous picture, both can exist simultaneously and have their own truth.
Agreeing with a set of vague and ambiguous statements makes you dogmatic?
It is inherent in their task which involves applying rules stated in words that are often ambiguous .
Watching the disintegration of a man’s dreams is uncomfortable, however morally ambiguous he might be.
They considered the Act to be ambiguous and open to interpretation on this point.
This ambiguous attitude makes his art cryptic: viewers are left grasping at answers.
However this is marred by the ambiguous lyrical content that attempts to pass itself off as meaningful.
I wanted a book that showed us how ambiguous we are, or how ambivalent we are.
But if the political climate is ambiguous , there’s still reason to celebrate.
The workers’ status as private sector employees, though, is at best ambiguous .
The very nature of his removal remains for the moment ambiguous .
Is it any wonder that his ambiguous hybrid art dissolves boundaries in such an equivocal manner?
He gives an ambiguous answer to his initial question.
Or does moralizing have to take a more ambiguous tone to be acceptable?
As I have argued before on these pages, that rage is morally ambiguous .
It’s an ambiguous performance that will leave the viewer with questions long after the lights go down.
The uncertainty of the public mood was mirrored by the ambiguous nature of the government.
The motivating fictional element is a subversive or ambiguous move.
Mr Sumption says, if necessary, that in the present case the phraseology is both obscure andambiguous .
Whether their other plans are ambiguous or meaningless is unclear.
But what elevates the novel beyond the genre is the ambiguous , enigmatic voice of Mary herself.
Much of the report is hard to read and contains many ambiguous or misleading statements.
Either way, you just can’t be quoted saying such amazingly ambiguous statements.
Others are more enigmatic and ambiguous in both their origins and meanings.
The painting may also be read as a glorification of the moral virtue of rural America or even as anambiguous mixture of praise and satire.



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