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Terjemahan dari incumbent
yg memegang suatu jabatan
pemegang jabatan
pejabat gereja
Definisi incumbent
necessary for (someone) as a duty or responsibility.
it is incumbent on all decent people to concentrate on destroying this evil
sinonim: necessary for one to, essential that, required that, imperative that, compulsory for one to, binding on one to, mandatory that
(of an official or regime) currently holding office.
the incumbent president had been defeated
sinonim: current, present, in office, in power, reigning
the holder of an office or post.
Voters may look back on an incumbent ‘s performance in office, and cast a retrospective vote, or may compare what the candidates promise to do if elected to office, and vote prospectively.
sinonim: holder, bearer, occupant
  • necessary for one to, essential that, required that, imperative that, compulsory for one to,binding on one to, mandatory that
  • current, present, in office, in power, reigning
  • holder, bearer, occupant
  • officeholder
Then as now, a majority of the electorate disapproved of the incumbent ‘s performance.
Elections in which an incumbent president is running typically are referenda on the job performance of the incumbent .
Each year the incumbent officials perform ceremonies to remember the event.
And the incumbent governor of Mississippi is a Democrat.
Instead of highlighting the brutality sustaining the incumbent regimes in power, these analysts blame the victims.
Yet, the incumbent government has been generous to the group by taking lenient measures against its members who are on police’s wanted list for their unlawful activities over the past years.
Needless to say, it implies that the business environment of Korea has deteriorated throughout the final year of the incumbent government.
Meanwhile, the legislative districts are designed to protect the incumbent .
Unless an incumbent government takes an active interest in improving the supply of public services, benign neglect will inevitably lead to a gradual deterioration.
They were media events, too, staged as much for the international press corps as to put pressure on the incumbent regimes.
A change in anyone’s government gets far more attention than an election that returns the incumbentgovernment to office.
A provost is the head of the cathedral chapter in a number of the Church of England’s more recently created dioceses in which the cathedral is also a parish church and the provost is the incumbent .
These models essentially confirm that the level of economic pain we are now feeling is not commensurate with voting an incumbent president out of office.
Notwithstanding widespread fears that the President to-be would be a clone of the present incumbent , the reality may be different.
The main party associated with the incumbent regime won only about 15 percent in 1993 and 10 percent in 1995.
Without question, survival is a basic goal of incumbent regimes of all nation-states; North Korea is no exception.
Eleven years after he took up the Festival’s reins, with two more to run on his current contract, he is now the longest-serving incumbent of a post he has described as ‘the best job in the world’.
‘If we were heads of these localities, we might act in the same way as these incumbent officials did,’ Lee admitted.
He visited the eclectic congregation systematically and, with the support of the incumbent , initiated weekly Bible studies, men’s meetings and other teaching activities.
The very idea of the present incumbent supporting a factory occupation is laughable.
The present incumbent is I think magnificent at not being rattled by anything.
Voters may look back on an incumbent ‘s performance in office, and cast a retrospective vote, or may compare what the candidates promise to do if elected to office, and vote prospectively.
For 12 months cameras will follow the fortunes of the St Mary Magdalene’s, which at present is being looked after by a vicar from a neighbouring parish, as the new incumbent tries to make a difference.
The incumbent officials no doubt feel the need to do something to boost their standing in the eyes of union members increasingly disillusioned with the erosion of conditions.
It is also in part the result of the greater importance of the Council Presidency and the fact that theincumbent of this Office will often have an agenda which he or she wishes to see achieved.
And while the official results are still coming in it appears incumbent governments across Europe have suffered at the hands of voters.
Later Prime Ministers were unwilling to challenge those interests; the present incumbent may be unable to do so.
Yet, the reform drive should not concentrate only on ousting old faces allegedly responsible for the corruption and misadministraion of the incumbent government.
It is a small union and it does not take many votes to defeat an incumbent official.
In a democracy, on the eve of a quadrennial election, the incumbent government plainly has a motive to encourage the media to report positively on its record but also negatively on the rival.



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