Skewer artinya tusuk sate, tusuk daging, cocokan. Jika kata kerja, skewer artinya menusuk Skewer juga bias diartikan sebagai pisau belati.

a long piece of wood or metal used for holding pieces of food, typically meat, together during cooking.
Peppers and tomatoes can be barbecued on the skewers between meat pieces.

fasten together or pierce with a pin or skewer.
skewered meat and fish


If a novel was riddled with the flat-footed cliches that plague so many science books, the critics would skewer it.

You can check the cake is cooked by inserting a metal skewer into its centre, which should come out clean.

Pieces of lamb threaded on a skewer and grilled over hot charcoal is known around the world as shish kebab.

Wiley found a couple of long thin sticks to skewer the fish.

Secure each piece with a wooden skewer and place on a parchment-lined sheet pan.

Kebab is the common word for meat roasted in pieces or slices on a skewer or as meatballs on a grill.

Eleanor watched him feed the fire and then skewer the fish and immediately set the over the fire.

Brochette is a posh way of referring to lumps of meat stuck on a skewer .

Pierce the skin with a metal skewer and check that the juices contain no sign of blood.

The most famous dish of Turkish origin is the shish kebab, pieces of lamb grilled on a skewer .

Local lore has it that the fish were once so plentiful that it was possible to skewer them with hay forks.

The large skewer of marinated lamb pieces came with a mint and honey sauce combination which was described as ‘unusual but very good’ by an appreciative diner.

Thread the pieces of chicken in a zig-zag fashion on to the metal or bamboo skewers and set to one side.

When hot, place the paneer skewers on it and grill for three to four minutes, turning them regularly, until lightly charred all over.

Warm the barbecue up to medium heat and place the skewers on the grill.

It melts well, and is sometimes grilled on skewers with pieces of vegetable.

In a commentary for Zmag he not only skewers the fanaticism and delusion of the right, but the failure of the supposedly liberal media.

When we came from London to see how the renovations for the house were shaping up we found the

builders skewering freshly marinated meat for a barbecue and a popping open a bottle of rosé.

In the middle of my dinner, some waiters emerged carrying a stick, on top of which many skewers of meat, seafood and vegetable balls had been inserted.

As she waited for the meat to prepare, she skewered a lump of pale golden paraphernalia roasting at the fire.

With its intricate cartoons and satirical send-ups, the monthly magazine gained a reputation for skewering politicians, advertisers, TV shows and a variety of print outlets.

Peppers and tomatoes can be barbecued on the skewers between meat pieces.

Not only is American politics skewered and forked apart, but one songwriter’s artistic evolution is laid out bare.
Kris snorted quite audibly, then skewered the meat on a stick.

Alternatively, you can use normal metal skewers .

Ironic and sharp, Robinson is at her best when skewering with actual Calvinist history and ideas those most apt to dismiss and embody caricatured Calvinism.

Each item was skewered on a cocktail stick and laid like sun rays around the plate, which also had a flower intricately carved out of turnip for decoration.

Style may be all in these contests, but what alternative was the senator proposing to the decisions he criticized and the policies he skewered ?

Boneless cubes of lamb are marinated in spicy yogurt and arranged with vegetables on metal skewers .

The finesse with which he skewers the right wing morons of blogland is a joy to behold.




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