Love Over Hatred, Goodness Over Evil

Buddha outlined the three paths which men might travel wordly pleasure, self-torment, and the middle path. Only through the middle path could man achieve bona fide peace and and salvation. One had to repudiate materialism, keep his self-control, restrict speech, be open minded, never lie or steal, reject selfish drives, nurture goodness, etc. Buddha continued to preach until the age of eighty, spreading the philosophy that man has the power to shape his own destiny. Through good deeds and pure tough man may reach nirvana. Interestingly enough, the man who objected to traditional religious worship was to become idolized by millions throughout the world.

  • bona fine – genuine, real
  • salvation- keselamatan
  • repudiate-refuse to accept or be associated with.
  • preach- berkhotbah
  • deed- perbuatan
  • tough- tabah
  • nirvana – nirwana



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