You’ve Got To Be a Football Expert

You’ve Got To Be a Football Expert

As an avid football fan, I try to see every games the Jets play. Whenever I can cajole my father into accompanying me, I try to do so. He has only a rudimentary knowledge of the game, and since I am steeped in it, I enjoy explaining its intricate details to him. It certainly does enhance your appreciation of football when you are aware every nuance of the sport.

  • Avid – keranjingan
  • cajole – membujuk
  • rudimentary – belum sempurna
  • steep – mendalami
  • intricate – kerumitan, seluk-beluk
  • nuance – nuansa, perbedaan kecil
  • Avid
  • cajole
  • rudimentary
  • steep
  • intricate
  • nuance
  • Avid: Avid means having a strong passion or enthusiasm for something. It describes someone who is deeply interested or dedicated to a particular activity or subject.
  • Cajole: Cajole means to persuade or coax someone through flattery or gentle persistence. It involves using charm or sweet talk to convince someone to do something or change their mind.
  • Rudimentary: Rudimentary refers to something that is basic or undeveloped. It describes a fundamental or elementary level of knowledge, skill, or understanding.
  • Steep: Steep can have a few different meanings, but one common interpretation is a steep incline or slope. It describes a sharp or high angle of ascent or descent.
  • Intricate: Intricate means complex, detailed, or having many interconnected parts. It describes something that is elaborate or intricate in its design, structure, or pattern.
  • Nuance: Nuance refers to a subtle or slight difference in meaning, expression, or understanding. It describes the delicate variations or shades of meaning that can exist within a broader concept or idea.



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