The 23-inch Football Field

The football fan who cannot attend a contest in person may watch any number of games on television. This has the great advantage of permitting an indolent fan to sit in the comfort of his living room and watch two teams play in the most inclement weather. However, some of the spirit, the gusto, is missing when one watches a game on a small screen away from the actual scene of the contest. Also, the viewer is constantly exposed to a garrulous group of announcers who continue to chatter in an endless way throughout the afternoon. Should the game be a dull one, the announcers discuss the most banal bits of information. Even in the poorest game there is constant chatter involving one platitude after another about the laudable performances of each and every player.

  • indolent- wanting to avoid activity or exertion; lazy.
  • inclement- (of the weather) unpleasantly cold or wet.
  • garrulous- excessively talkative, esp. on trivial matters.
  • chatter- incessant trivial talk.
  • banal- so lacking in originality as to be obvious and boring.
  • laudable – (of an action, idea, or goal) deserving praise and commendation.



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