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Definisi quell
put an end to (a rebellion or other disorder), typically by the use of force.
extra police were called to quell the disturbance
sinonim: put an end to, put a stop to, end, crush, put down, check, crack down on, curb, nip in the bud, squash, quash, subdue, suppress, overcome, squelch
put an end to, calm, stay, squelch
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Existing ‘loyalist’ forces were unable to quell the rebellion and reinforcements had to be called from China.
There are no words, no internal dialogue that can quell my feeling of betrayal.
Carrots clear out excess cholesterol from the system, while ginger is wonderful at calming the digestive tract, helping to quell the feelings of nausea that some people experience when detoxing.
Those in yellow and white candy-stripes threatened to be sweet meat for the Leith club as they found themselves being dragged every which way as they sought to quell opponents brimming with attacking invention.
extra police were called to quell the disturbance
But, just as Edward Longshanks failed to quell the rebellion that led to Scottish independence, William Wallace’s legacy lives on.
extra police were called to quell the disturbance
Though this combo is just as passionate as their fellow Sagittarians, the Virgo Moon affects the inner nature enough to quell some of the more rash aspects of the Sagittarius personality.
Partly, it may be a desire to quell emotions in front of strangers.
An only child, with parents who wanted what was best for her, she couldn’t quell the feeling she was different from her peers.
Two of the top generals commanding the operation were replaced, although Moscow insisted they had been elevated to other duties and not punished for failing to quell the rebels.
Many householders fear their insurance premiums could rise but the Association of British Insurers is trying to quell homeowners’ worries.
Military experts said last night that regular soldiers – let alone elite assault troops – had never before been used to quell disorder in the United States.
In his place they sent Colonel Lachlan Macquarie who arrived in 1810 with a regiment to quell the rebellion.
Members of the 800th Military Police Brigade had to use lethal force several times to quell prisoner uprisings, the report says.
So the wait prolongs before Harry Potter and his friends at Hogwarts School of Magic finally quell Lord Voldemort, the evil and powerful Wizard.
Policemen and commandos are deployed to quell riots and to maintain law and order.
Breathing in the uncomfortable silence I tried to quell the unease, without much success I might add.
We use it to comfort ourselves, quell anxiety and fear, and numb those feelings of self-doubt.
He said his office would continue in its efforts to save the peace pact, despite the looming operation to quell the rebels.
It seems that nothing in this world is able to quell David Hempleman-Adams’ thirst for adventure and this year has been no exception.
The incident, in which a chalet-style caravan was attacked at Rectory Lane last Tuesday night, has led senior officers to reassure residents they have been working to quell the disorder.
Police and soldiers were sent to Yelwa to quell the violence and the town has been reported calm since Friday.
Police forced people on the 500 block to the sidewalks several times in attempt to shrink and quell the crowd.
Before the match there was trouble in a little square outside the ground as riot police with batons waded in to quell troublemakers attached to both clubs.
I tried to stifle the thoughts, tried to quell the overwhelming feeling of being trapped in circumstances.
Private security patrols could be deployed in the borough for the first time to quell fears of crime among residents near Wandsworth Common.
In 1 Henry IV he is commended by Prince Harry after Shrewsbury, and sent with Westmorland to quell the northern rebels.
To unite the country and strengthen the stability of the border, Emperor Qian Long assembled large numbers of troops in Danba to quell the rebellion.
The military government pledged to quell rebellion and unify the country by force.



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