Queen of the Supermarket

The American housewife is queen of all she surveys in the supermarket. She decided what times shall be purchased. Grocery manufacturers are well aware of her power to make one product a success and another a failure. They spend huge sums developing new products with which to curry her favor. Fearful that a successful products will soon begin to, the manufacturers, without cessation, come out with “new and improved” versions to whet her appetite. Sometimes it is only a box or package that has been changed – perhaps a colorful photo of a succulent meal on a TV. dinner box. In the larger supermarkets the housewife is faced with satiety of merchandise, particularly in the copiously stocked laundry detergent section. While there may be almost no intrinsic difference among the many brands, advertising and packaging serves to importune her to buy one rather than another.

  • curry- treat (tanned leather) to improve its properties.
  • cessation- penghentian, the fact or process of ending or being brought to an end.
  • whet- mengasah, sharpen the blade of (a tool or weapon).
  • succulent- lezat, segar, berair
  • satiety – kekenyangan, kejenuhan
  • copious – banyak sekali, berlimpah-limpah
  • intrinsic- hakiki, dasar, dalam
  • importune – mendesak, meminta dengan sangat



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