A Time for Decision

The doctor explained the situation calmly, avoiding histrionics.  First of all, they didn’t know whether the dog had rabies. Secondly, the elusive dog had frustrated all attempts to find him so far. Finally, the decision would have to be made whether Bobby was to undergo  the painful vaccination administered daily for two weeks. Mrs. Hart said that a neighbor who had seen the dog claimed that it had been foaming at the mouth, barking, and growling constantly – all the symptomatic of rabies. But the policeman interjected  that there hadn’t been a case of a mad dog in the country in over twenty years; he repudiated  the neighbor’s report, advocating that they do nothing for at least another day. Mr. And Mrs. Hart sat down to think about their next step.

  • histrionic – munafik
  • elusive – susah ditangkap
  • undergo – menjalani, mengalami
  • interjected – menyisipkan, menyelang
  • repudiated – menolak



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