Perfect Products

I guess we’ll never be able to quell those persistent rumors about the invention of auto tires which will never wear out, stocking which cannot tear, and pens which won’t run dry. A voluble economist informed me that such products will never be marketed. “Can you imagine,” he asked, “a manufacturer cutting his own throat?” Why would he sell you an item which you will never have to replace? No,” my confidant whispered, “it’s part of their scheme of planned obselescence to keep you merchandise with a limited life span in order to keep you coming back for more.” I am dubious about the existence of those perfect products, but them I’m from Missouri.

  • quell- menumpas, mengakhiri
  • volube- fasih
  • confidant – org kepercayaan, teman karib
  • obselescence- keusangan
  • dubious – ragu-ragu
  • I’m from Missouri – I’m skeptical of the matter and not easily convinced



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