Getting a Good Look

The television press interview is conducive to close scrutiny of a candidate. His public speeches may contain many cant phrases, but a sharp question by an astute reporter can destroy a cliché filled statement. The politician now will procrastinate in his answer; a new facet of his personality may be revealed by his demeanor. Perhaps he will take umbrage at a suggestion that he favors the affluent. His record is searched for evidence that he has been equally magnanimous to the indigent. He accuses the reporter of attempting to vilify him. Is he being accused of turpitude in office? It is time to discreetly go on to another topic. The candidate wished to extol the virtues of his program and record. The press want to allude to things that keep him in the midst of controversy. They insist that he elucidate positions that the politician would rather leave in a nebulous state.

  • Conducive – menguntungkan, kondusif
  • scrutiny – meneliti dgn cermat
  • cant – bahasa yg khas untuk golongan tertentu
  • astute – cerdik, tajam
  • procrastinate – menuda-nunda
  • facet – segi, permukaan
  • demeanor – cara bertindak, sikap, kelakuan
  • to umbrage at – merasa tersinggung karena
  • favor – lebih menyukai
  • affluent – kaya
  • magnanimous – murah hati
  • indigent – fakir miskin
  • vilify – memfitnah, menjelek-jelekan
  • turpitude – kejahatan, kekejian
  • discreetly – degn hati-hati/bijaksana
  • extol – memuji
  • virtue – kebaikan
  • allude – menyinggung
  • elucidate – membentangkan, menguraikan
  • nebulous – samar-samar, remang-remang



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