Dooley’s Mission

Aboard the refugee ship, Dooley’s destiny took shape. He became paintfully cognizant of the malnutrition, disease, ignorance, and fear that afflicted the natives. In addition, he discerned how active the communist had been in spreading their anti-American propaganda. Tom Dooley pitched in to build shelters in Haipong and to comfort the poor Vietnamese there before that besieged city fell to the powerful Viet Minh forces. He was seemingly unconcerned by the many privations he had to endure. For his services, Dooley received the U.S Navy’s Legion of Merit. He told the story of this exciting experience in DELIVER US FROM EVIL, a best-seller which altered America to the plight of the Vietnamese, as well as to the sinister menace of Communism.

  • aboard – dalam kendaraan
  • Afflict – menimpa
  • cognizant – aware, mindful
  • Took shape – mulai tersusun
  • Discern – melihat
  • besiege – mengepung
  • endure – menanggung
  • plight – keadaan buruk
  • sinister – menyeramkan
  • menace – ancaman



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