Terjemahan dari virtue
virtue, good, benevolence, goodness, righteousness, benefaction
good, goodness, kindness, favor, virtue, benefit
virtue, superiority, eminence, eminency
sifat baik
courage, bravery, nerve, guts, boldness, virtue
valor, prowess, gallantry, bravery, courage, virtue
Definisi virtue
behavior showing high moral standards.
paragons of virtue
sinonim: goodness, virtuousness, righteousness, morality, integrity, dignity, rectitude, honor, decency, respectability, nobility, worthiness, purity, principles, ethics
(in traditional Christian angelology) the seventh highest order of the ninefold celestial hierarchy.
It is said that 2 virtues midwived for Eve as she gave birth to Cain.
  • goodness, virtuousness, righteousness, morality, integrity, dignity, rectitude, honor, decency,respectability, nobility, worthiness, purity, principles, ethics
  • strong point, good point, good quality, asset, forte, attribute, strength, talent, feature
  • merit, advantage, benefit, usefulness, strength, efficacy, plus, point
  • chastity
  • virtuousness
  • merit
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It is by goodness and piety that man reaches perfect happiness: virtue is its own reward.
It’s like being very honest about other people’s failings, and being honest is a virtue , so I try very hard.
The primary moral virtue associated with beauty is holiness.
The status of a character trait as a virtue need not be a fixed matter, but a matter complexly interrelated with the sort of society in which it appears.
Set in a unified fascistic nation of the future, this satirical sci-fi thriller sees the goodies styled as Nazis and rampant patriotism as a virtue .
there’s no virtue in suffering in silence
For Kant, divine goodness is known as a postulate of pure practical reason: God must be there to reward virtue and punish evil.
So when does Pollack and many, many other Americans realize something fundamental about Iraq: honesty is not a virtue .
The man was one of great virtue , and his morals were admired by everyone.
To be self-conscious in the most basic sense seems a virtue : to be self-aware.
The distinction between freedom and voluntariness is explicit in the discussion of moral virtue by Spinoza, Gilson, and Murdoch.
Some hold that what makes any person fundamentally deserving of good or bad fortune is her level ofvirtue or moral merit.
They established personal standards of piety and virtue that no other group of people since then can match.
Kindness is an underrated virtue altogether in my humble opinion.
It is very difficult to discuss ethical or morals questions such as virtue in a moderate or reasonable way.
In the ancient world, courage, moderation, and justice were prime species of moral virtue .
Patriotism is a virtue of which any man may well be proud.
Claiming that gay men may not value fidelity is not the same as claiming someone doesn’t value avirtue such as courage or honor.
I am at a loss as to know whether thrift is still regarded as a virtue , or whether patriotism has taken on new connotations.
In effect you’re still rewarding vice, and punishing virtue .
paragons of virtue
And to him a higher standard of virtue would always be applied.
In the Confucian view, the elder brother is meant to enable his younger brothers and sisters to cultivate their virtue by providing a moral example for them.
It forces heroes and heroines to act out of character and rewards vice with virtue .
I don’t want to demand either that every story show virtue rewarded, or that every story show vice triumphant in our bad world.
paragons of virtue
Patience is a virtue and one that is supposed to bear rewards.
But he kept his religious views a secret, and thus spread good works instead of wasting valuable time and energy on a public performance of moral virtue .
As I said then, it is a virtue of a court system that the court constantly checks its will against a proper view of its limits.
But ask him now if honesty is a virtue and he says absolutely.
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