Terjemahan dari ungainly
awkward, clumsy, ungainly, inelegant, bumbling, lousy
rigid, stiff, stuffy, awkward, stilted, ungainly
Definisi ungainly
(of a person or movement) awkward; clumsy.
an ungainly walk
sinonim: awkward, clumsy, klutzy, ungraceful, graceless, inelegant, gawky, maladroit, gauche, uncoordinated, lubberly
  • awkward, clumsy, klutzy, ungraceful, graceless, inelegant, gawky, maladroit, gauche,uncoordinated, lubberly
  • clumsy, clunky, gawky, unwieldy
  • clumsy, awkward
Lebih sedikit sinonim
In spite of the ungainly figure he cuts, there is something instantly soothing about the monk.
But there was also a beauty in the ungainly awkwardness but obvious enthusiasm of the supporting roles.
I was always a bit awkward and ungainly as a child, so I thought that maybe I was just on the clumsy side.
Under the low slanting ceiling of the bathroom, he seems clumsy and ungainly .
Taylor was always playing catch up against an energetic, ungainly player who just would not lie down.
He was one that fans may not have taken to straight away because he’s ungainly , but he would have won them over with his goals.
Her steed mumbled something inaudible as he restarted his ungainly walk to the church doors.
Mothers and fathers send out the message that boys are awkward, ungainly and silly.
Finding that they did, he tried a few ungainly steps toward the door.
He felt clumsy and awkward in the air, his body too ungainly to be properly streamlined.
The thin, ungainly boy didn’t seem to have the makings of a star gymnast.
Holmes’s ticket did have a red circle and he stood in an ungainly stance that was in keeping with his disguise.
The high ceilings and unbroken expanses of wall in such a house can make the rooms seem awkward and ungainly .
Another ungainly blow from me, and my sword was met with the blade of Conrad’s sword and was quickly swept aside.
That most people walk in an ungraceful, ungainly and awkward manner with a forward inclination of the body does not mean that it is the normal way of walking.
Do we identify with the ungainly , terrified wretch who will soon be dead meat, or do we get a thrill imagining ourselves as the sleek, athletic predator?
Not so large that they were ungainly and made him clumsy, but not so small that you would be suspicious of him.
I was ungainly and I was bored by sport, which in Australia is a sure sign that you’re a bad person.
Seeing how terribly the trip strained the ungainly mother, Indira was amazed at her stoic determination to continue.
He was an ungainly figure and when he danced, many whistled, hooted, and laughed at him.
The details were riveting: Antoni’s feet on the rope, her swaying body, the adjustments she made, her heightened mixture of ungainliness and grace.
How to explain why I find the clunking metaphor of the train charming in its ungainliness ?
Her miniaturized right arm, with spindly thumb and splayed fingers, seems at once grotesque, vulnerable and oddly lovely; then again, her whole slightly rumpled posture conveys a mix ofungainliness and grace.
How may the poem find a form for the ungainliness of life?
My point, here, is that our curricula our pedagogies might be energized by the unwieldiness, theungainliness , of both our current and our earlier historical names, and by our necessary historical revisions of those names.



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