Terjemahan dari oath
oath, swear, vow, curse, asseveration, imprecation
curse, cursing, condemnation, damnation, bane, oath
curse, condemnation, bane, damnation, cursing, oath
curse, oath
kata umpatan
kata-kata buruk
Definisi oath
a solemn promise, often invoking a divine witness, regarding one’s future action or behavior.
they took an oath of allegiance to the king
sinonim: vow, pledge, sworn statement, promise, avowal, affirmation, word, word of honor, bond, guarantee, troth
a profane or offensive expression used to express anger or other strong emotions.
His oaths and anger had obviously offended Tori.
sinonim: swear word, profanity, expletive, four-letter word, dirty word, obscenity, vulgarity, curse, malediction, blasphemy, cuss, cuss word, imprecation
  • vow, pledge, sworn statement, promise, avowal, affirmation, word, word of honor, bond,guarantee, troth
  • swear word, profanity, expletive, four-letter word, dirty word, obscenity, vulgarity, curse,malediction, blasphemy, cuss, cuss word, imprecation
  • swearing
  • swearing, curse, swearword, cuss, curse word, expletive
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they took an oath of allegiance to the king
Similarly, a civil servant may be compelled by a summons to witness to attend at trial and to give evidence despite the oath , if so required by the court.
One of the sisters, Brenda, sobbed as she took the oath before giving evidence and when asked how close she was to her.
They will also have to sign a citizenship pledge as part of an oath of allegiance to the Queen and take part in US-style citizenship ceremonies.
To suggest that I did not administer an oath to these witnesses to help them lie to members of Congress is false, inexcusable.
As he took the oath , it became obvious to all that his left arm was totally useless.
Carr entered the witness box and swore an oath before the court, then gave some preliminary details about herself.
Pratt took the oath for the last time at the coroner’s court in Castle Street, before heading off to pursue his interest in steam locomotives, gardening and travelling.
Viro cursed and oath and grabbed at the man’s cheek and chest, but he had passed into oblivion.
Other than the preliminary vetting by the trial judge, there is a challenge for cause, peremptory challenges and the oath of the juror.
they took an oath of allegiance to the king
Each individual undergoing treatment takes a solemn oath to change their behavior.
Ike, who took the oath of office for his second term as president in 1957, and who everybody liked, died in 1969.
Another woman reporter made a solemn oath to bring her husband and 13-month-old baby to the park next year.
For a few moments the couple find themselves in church or in the registry office watched by their closest family and friends, publicly swearing what amounts to a solemn oath of allegiance to each other.
He told the judge that he stood before her with ‘my right hand on the Bible’ to ‘swear a solemn oathpromising to do what the claimants want’.
The system can require an oath in criminal court and enforce penalties for perjury.
We understand that yesterday you raised your hand and took the oath .
The oath itself is curse enough, being four pages in length.
And under the juror oath to tell the truth about prior arrests, he also seemed to have an agenda.
Bahzell lowered his sword slowly and muttered an oath as he surveyed the carnage.
Jurors take an oath to try the defendant on the evidence and to give true verdicts.
Democrats and Republicans are on different sides of the aisle, but we have a shared oath and a solemn obligation to serve our country together.
He took the oath , then sat in the familiar seat after declaring his full name and occupation.
But he could have given a statement to the court without swearing an oath , an option not pursued by his inexperienced lawyer.
Once again they had managed to get out of a dangerous situation with very little injuries and as the man in the shadows turned from them he made a solemn oath that this would not be the case next time.
The thrall muttered an oath under her breath and summoned forth a blast of flame.
Nikolas broke the kiss and muttered an oath under his breath.
Viro cursed an oath , his fair eyes flashing, his muscles tensed.
Historians may also recall that the first African American Senator, Hiram Revels took the oath of office in February 1870.
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