stay, live, remain, reside, dwell, abide
inhabit, occupy, dwell, tenant
inhabit, live, occupy, populate, dwell, settle
think, consider, reflect, dwell, contemplate, devise
think, consider, speculate, ponder, care, dwell
ponder, contemplate, meditate, ruminate, muse, dwell
membahas secara dalam
thrash out, dwell

I’ve got better things to do than dwell on the past
groups of gypsies still dwell in these caves
groups of gypsies still dwell in these caves
The interim dwell takes place before the second substep and includes the hydrolysis reaction.
I’ve got better things to do than dwell on the past
she let her eyes dwell on them for a moment
Herdsmen dwell in large tents made of canvas or woven yak wool.
she let her eyes dwell on them for a moment
The light made her squint and cower back, like some animal that had dwelled in caves for all time.
In particular, the two concepts I dwell upon at length, the gedoog policy and the polder model, only exist as ideal types.
The belief behind this dated back to when they dwelt in Faerie.
The Law Commission too dwelt on the subject extensively.
They believed that he dwelt far beneath the earth, forever sustaining the lush growth that surrounded his followers.
The screen then goes blank, and through an animated fog we arrive at the gates of the SWV Graveyard, a place where evil dwells .
He dwelt with fastidious detail on her figure and the cleanliness of her fingernails.
It is clearly written and avoids dwelling on many of the stories that have been told too often.
There they dwelt for weeks, constantly spying on the Dark Lord’s army.
Neighbouring condo dwellers hang outside on their balconies watching the festivities.
All manner of sea life dwells in this remarkable sanctuary, but the most exciting and abundant are the resident grey nurse sharks.
For a while, she didn’t know what to do; she passed through the days listlessly, her mind not dwelling on any one subject for too long.
She dwelt with her brothers at a place now called Ballycolane – then Ballykilbawn.
Dimidiochromis compressiceps is a sand dweller that inhabits the shallow marshy areas.
I was sure that the Graymen had not built it, and was haunted by the thought that at one time, normal people had dwelt here peacefully.
The guilt that dwelt so deep within him had surfaced again.
The fish dwells deep in the ocean and travels long distances to spawn above seamounts in the Southern Hemisphere.
Shyness, performance anxiety seemed never to have dwelled in him.
An astonishing diversity of life dwells in the crystal-clear pools that format low tide along America’s Pacific coast.
Milburn has been arguing for a more radical manifesto that looks ahead rather than dwells on Labour’s past achievements.
She pleased the many tourists that flocked to see the gypsy caravan that dwelt in the forest.
In some texts, they say he dwells in a cave far from the reaches of the curious and greedy.



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