Terjemahan dari disseminate
spread, deploy, disseminate, distribute, propagate, scatter
sow, sprinkle, scatter, spread, strew, disseminate
spread, sow, disseminate, throw about
sow, scatter, spread, sprinkle, diffuse, disseminate
disseminate, propagate, promulgate, blaze abroad
embed, instill, invest, inculcate, infuse, disseminate
plant, grow, cultivate, sow, invest, disseminate
spread, disseminate
Definisi disseminate
spread or disperse (something, especially information) widely.
health authorities should foster good practice by disseminating information
sinonim: spread, circulate, distribute, disperse, promulgate, propagate, publicize, communicate, pass on, put about, make known
  • spread, circulate, distribute, disperse, promulgate, propagate, publicize, communicate, pass on, put about, make known
  • diffuse, disperse, propagate, broadcast, circulate, pass around, circularize, spread, distribute,circularise
Internet based media disseminate information and knowledge far more quickly than conventional media.
They rarely cause invasive disease, but can invade and disseminate in immunocompromised patients.
Training programmes will enable the trainers to further disseminate the information to others in the community, creating a multiplier effect.
That’s our job, is to disseminate information to the public.
Websites are not only used to disseminate information and propaganda.
This bacterium causes infections in the genital tract that may disseminate to organs.
Instead of using technology to improve our lives and as a means to disseminate public information, it will be used to restrict our freedoms, and peer into our private lives.
The condition can disseminate throughout the respiratory tract and lead to pulmonary papillomatosis.
These were agreed at a national consensus conference and were subsequently widely disseminatedthroughout the country.
This process provided a key link for ensuring that any required education or competency changes were made and disseminated .
Much of the new investment in journalism today – much of the information revolution generally – is indisseminating the news, not in collecting it.
When hemolyzed red blood cells are reinfused, disseminated intravascular coagulopathy can be triggered.
We sampled many more midwives than other health professionals because they provided most antenatal care and disseminated most of the leaflets.
The lymphatic system disseminates fluids and proteins throughout the body to prevent swelling.
I felt a cold breeze surge through my entire body as I froze; it disseminated through me like a plague, burying deep in my soul.
The hepatic tumor had disseminated to the peritoneum, forming multiple nodules up to 9 cm in diameter.
As a result, disseminated and extra-pulmonary disease is more commonly seen.
In immunocompromised patients, disseminated fungal infections may produce nodular lesions.
There is growing interest in the dissemination of research results and concern for how important messages can be most efficiently disseminated .
It also provides an opportunity for disseminating information and awareness about Indian handicraft to people of all ages.
Some of those tapes were made four years ago, and some of those tapes have been clearly made fordisseminating information.
When the main tamoxifen trials were published in 1983, dissemination into practice took about five years.
Acid is rapidly disseminated throughout the bronchial tree, producing a chemical pneumonitis within minutes.
Patients who have severe comorbidity particularly renal insufficiency, hepatic failure, or disseminatedmalignancy have a poor prognosis.
Privacy is violated if data are collected or disseminated without participants’ knowledge.
We also made sure that this information was widely disseminated .
Ms Rhode said: ‘It is all guesswork because Lowry was a disseminator , he liked to play games with people and tell them what they wanted to hear.’
‘As preservers and disseminators of heritage, museums are crucial for building strong communities with strong identities,’ he suggests.
Social value presupposes the public dissemination of research results.
Scant regard is paid to the manifesto and its dissemination among the general public nowadays.



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