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The Newspaper Umbrella

Our neighbor is an affluent inventor whose latest brainstorm, a feasible umbrella substitute, has been featured in many magazines. As simply as the eye can discern, it is a hard plastic strip, about the size of a ruler, which fits comfortably into a woman’s handbag or a man’s suite jacket. If the person is caught in a sudden rainstorm, he swings the plastic open in the shape of a cross. Attached to each arm is a clip-like device. Next, he takes the newspaper he is carrying and slides it under each of the four clips. Now, equipped with a rigid head covering he can sally forth to face the elements. To the consternation of the umbrella manufacturers, it has been enjoying a brisk sale, especially among commuters. If it continues to do well, it could have a pernicious effect upon the umbrella industry.

  • affluent – makmur
  • brainstorm – inspirasi
  • feasible – layak
  • discern – melihat
  • comfortably – nyaman
  • clip-like device – alat berbentuk jepitan
  • equipped – dilengkapi
  • sally forth – bergerak maju tiba-tiba
  • elements cuaca
  • consternation – kekuatiran
  • brisk – cepat
  • commuters – orang yg pulang pergi setiap hari untuk bekerja
  • pernicious – jahat



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