Terjemahan dari devout
obedient, devout, observant, loyal, tractable
pious, godly, devout, virtuous, religious, holy
religious, godly, devout, god-fearing
pious, learned, devout, holy, pi
honest, truthful, fair, frank, candid, devout
devout, preoccupied, devoted
yg beribadat
devout, pious
pious, devout
earnest, crass, dead, dire, grave, devout
Definisi devout
having or showing deep religious feeling or commitment.
she was a devout Catholic
sinonim: pious, religious, devoted, dedicated, reverent, God-fearing, holy, godly, saintly, faithful, dutiful, righteous, churchgoing, orthodox
  • pious, religious, devoted, dedicated, reverent, God-fearing, holy, godly, saintly, faithful, dutiful,righteous, churchgoing, orthodox
  • dedicated, devoted, committed, loyal, faithful, staunch, genuine, firm, steadfast, unwavering,sincere, wholehearted, keen, enthusiastic, zealous, passionate, ardent, fervent, active, sworn,pledged, card-carrying, true blue
  • heartfelt, earnest, dear
  • god-fearing
Lebih sedikit sinonim
This prompted my question as to whether she was devout in her personal religion.
The kirpan has deep religious significance to devout Sikhs and is not a weapon.
Although a devout Sikh, he took part in religious acts with Muslims and Hindus as well.
He was a devout and mystical Muslim, or Sufi, hence his religious views are particularly revealing of Islam.
All of which grounds him in a conventionally moral and religiously devout realm.
No one struggling to live the devout life will fail to recognize that prayer.
For the devout Hindus who pray at tiny ponds and puddles, the Saraswati is both a real river and a deity.
She was a single lady who was a devout Catholic and deeply religious.
Here’s a sort of companion post to the previous one, in being about some of the things said and done in the name of devout belief.
My parents don’t have much of a religious background, but my maternal grandmother is a very devoutsouthern baptist.
Now there were devout Jews from every nation under heaven living in Jerusalem.
By what right does the developed world claim the moral high ground over poorer, but religiously devout, societies?
A meal here is a devout religious observance, and also a session of psychotherapy.
Few espouse political ideologies of any sort, since devout beliefs can impede one’s effectiveness as a peacekeeper.
But this is just speculation and there may be many members of the Church who live devout lives.
I was most deeply moved by the way this lovable man prayed, so devout and so certain that God heard his prayer.
So we have an enormous amount of evidence of widespread religious behaviour and of devoutbehaviour as well.
By this means you can count with a minimum expenditure of attention, as a devout Catholic counts his prayers on a rosary.
Sometimes, though rarely, one may even find a devout religious exclamation.
At the same time he was a believer in all sorts of myths and mysteries, and a devout worshipper of divinities both Greek and Oriental.
When I was brought back to faith it was through the prayers of my devout mother.
My Grandmother read the bible every day and was a devout believer in God.
I am a devoutly religious man, but my take on ‘religion’ may not be exactly the same as some people’s.
The first part of the script – the so-called devoutness of the founders – is least relevant to the current debate over religion in government.
Looking down into that crowd he had recognised the same faces he saw on a Sunday, the congregation who prayed devoutly and sang about the love God had for his children.
I wouldn’t say that the leading lights of the blogosphere are exactly hostile to the devoutly religious.
Yet it’s broadcast at midday and 6pm, well before any watershed and I’ve met devoutly religious people who adore it.
As best I can tell, the Boy Scouts are open to anyone who says they’re religious, regardless of the religion, and regardless of the degree of devoutness .
Just thank who ever your flavour of devoutness may dictate you to thank.
She was a lovely lady who was a devoutly religious person.



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