erjemahan dari crumb
piece, slice, chunk, length, bite, crumb
splinter, crumb
sisa roti
sampah masyarakat
ragtag, crum, pariah, raff, the refuse of society, crumb
crumble, crumb
crumb, crumble
damage, destroy, tamper, boggle, break, crumb
thwart, frustrate, foil, mess up, defeat, crumb
crumb, crumble
menyapu remah-remah
menyapu repih-repih
Definisi crumb
a small fragment of bread, cake, or cracker.
Rowena looked around at the wreck of her cake, at all the dirty dishes and the cake crumbs under the cooling racks.
an objectionable or contemptible person.
he’s an absolute crumb
cover (food) with breadcrumbs.
crispy crumbed mushrooms with garlic dip
  • fragment, bit, morsel, particle, speck, scrap, shred, sliver, atom, grain, trace, tinge, mite, iota,jot, whit, ounce, scintilla, soupçon, smidgen, tad, titch
  • dirty dog, lowlife, bum, rat, skunk, rotter, git, so-and-so, stinkpot, puke, stinker
Knowing who is holding their son and having some idea that the hostage-taking was to raise awareness of impoverished villagers is a crumb of comfort to his worried parents.
She came here in the summer to watch the Canada Geese huddle around picnickers, waiting for one of them to toss a crumb of bread.
We shared chocolate bread pudding (which tasted like a soulless brownie) and apple crumb cake which was a depressing affair.
We possess only one crumb of information about that meeting in the novelist’s country house.
apple crumb pie
Often we are grateful for any little crumb that befalls us: some coded glance, some double entendre remark, some hinty, winking reference.
Call it an apple crumb , betty or crisp, it’s a fast and delicious dessert.
It will allow for a greater fermentation without breaking, give more volume, and is much more desirable when you are looking for irregularity of the interior crumb .
Lay fillet on absorbent paper and crumb the rest of the fish.
he’s an absolute crumb
Bad news for the employees who are set to endure an uncertain few weeks but a small crumb of comfort for the media who might have something to write about during the post-Christmas lull.
For crumb topping: Combine flour and sugar and cut in butter with pastry cutter until the texture is thick.
a morsel of crumb will often tempt a chub
Cut off the end of the loaf and remove as much crumb as you can to make a fairly snug pocket.
The key components in achieving a crusty bread with a lusciously soft crumb are heat and steam.
Crush the biscuits into a crumb texture, add the melted butter and mix together.
It made a deeply satisfying light meal, with a straightforward garnish of gem lettuce, fruity cherry tomatoes and a decent piece of white bread with a great crust and tasty crumb , generously drizzled with grassy olive oil.
And there’s this really good inn next door and they serve delicious baked pudding and crumb cake and spiced bread and jam…
Anyone watching (and trust me, there are some) will assume that I am soaking up every crumb of wisdom that falls from the speaker’s lips.
he’s an absolute crumb
The little bird sang out again, and I rose and gave it a crumb of bread from the larder chest.
Vegetable oil or another type of fat is often added to bread dough to improve crumb softness, loaf volume, and texture.
It is the smell of toast, and the sensations of the hot crunchy outside of the bread combined with the soft inner crumb and melted butter, that make it so appealing.
Can you not look around you at all you have and, from such a position of success, take pity on those of us forced to battle each day for whatever crumb of self-respect we can muster?
Being able to crumb a disgusting cut of meat, fry it and serve it with a foul tasting gravy and side of coleslaw doesn’t mean you are number one in the culinary arts.
Serve the food in unusual containers such as bread bowls (sturdy round loaves with some inner crumbremoved) and you can give up Fairy Liquid completely.
We started with tremendous sourdough bread whose moist grey crumb , chewy crust and deep sustaining flavour would certainly attract compliments and loyalty even in France.
Halve ciabatta and lightly toast the crumb side. Drizzle with 2 tbsp olive oil.
A better way of ensuring a domed top is to use either buttermilk, yoghurt or sour milk instead of fresh: all these give a light, tender crumb and an alluring, rounded crown.
Many people build earth ovens for the crisp bread crust and chewy crumb texture that only high-temperature, retained-heat ovens can provide.



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