Terjemahan dari cloak
robe, cloak, tunic, gown, vestment, toga
coat, mantle, overcoat, cloak, topcoat, mantlet
veil, casing, cover, shroud, jacket, cloak
coat, jacket, cloak
hide, conceal, disguise, suppress, mask, cloak
envelop, veil, cloak, wreathe, shroud, cover over
mengenakan mantel
cloak, dissemble, dissimulate
Definisi cloak
an outdoor overgarment, typically sleeveless, that hangs loosely from the shoulders.
Though cloaks were standard dress from the 1st century AD, wool or linen clothes have not survived from Roman Britain.
sinonim: cape, poncho, serape, shawl, mantle, wrap, pelisse, burnoose, cope, robe, cowl, djellaba, tippet, cassock, chasuble, pallium, cardinal
dress in a cloak.
she cloaked herself in black
cape, cover
conceal, dissemble, robe
36 sinonim lain
But these reactionary ideas find it necessary to cloak themselves in the language of science to gain legitimacy.
By opening up the doors it will help us to hold ministers to account, and make it more difficult for them to hide behind the cloak of secrecy.
Under the cloak of darkness, they can slip into a cocoon of overhanging foliage.
They wished to hide behind the cloak of something invisible, to conceal the vacuity of their tall stories.
And we would also see trivial or mischievous claims being pursued, under the cloak of anonymity.
There are people who take action and people who stay hidden behind a cloak of anonymity.
With a flourish, the man produced a set of papers, previously hidden inside his black cloak .
Din crouched low on her shoulder, trembling with fear and trying to bury into her cloak to hide.
He was playing to their lusts and desires, disguised in a cloak of religion.
If the cloak of secrecy is ever lifted from this dirty affair, there are some obvious questions.
The result is that error cannot be acknowledged and must thus be hidden under the cloak of the papal claim.
preparations had taken place under a cloak of secrecy
The cloak of secrecy that is being thrown around the military and intelligence offensive is another related cause for worry.
Her hooded cloak hid her features but wisps of chestnut hair could be seen.
Letting mercenaries cloak themselves as contractors opens up just such possibilities.
Since that time nearly every military effort has had to cloak itself in some lofty universal principal.
With fumbling fingers, he took his transmitter out from where it had been hidden in his cloak .
They might be saying little in public but under the cloak of anonymity plenty of harsh words are being uttered.
They wait for the new moon and then, under the cloak of darkness, they cross the ‘wall of mouths’ to settle on a reef.
If you are telling me we are hiding under the cloak of Parliament, you are telling me that we should have no laws.
Upon returning from any expedition, pochteca always enter the city under the cloak of darkness.
The face was hidden with a cloak and a mask but the angel wore a smile.
She rolled to her feet and waited, the dagger still hidden under her cloak .
Personally, victimhood isn’t something I look to cloak myself in.
Whether she will cloak herself in it as she takes up her dress circle seat for the opening night of the return of Scottish Opera this May is still to be seen.
A government espousing this view wraps the cloak of secrecy around itself.
Trudy used a clean cloak to hide beneath as she went across the hall to the bath room.
The book concludes with a riveting chapter on terrorism under the cloak of other religions.
No, they are not animals, they are evil demons who hide under the cloak of kindness and normality while they hatch their plots.
She pulled the hood up to cover her features, the soft material of the cloak keeping her face hidden



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