Terjemahan dari carriage
transport, transportation, freight, carriage, haulage, conveyance
car, carriage, wagon, coach, wain, railway coach
nature, carriage, delivery, result, talent, gift
car, carriage
bagian mesin yg bergerak
ongkos penyeretan
freight, haulage, portage, carriage
ongkos pengangkutan
freight, haulage, portage, carriage
sikap diri
Definisi carriage
a means of conveyance, in particular.
She was escorted to a police carriage that would take her to the execution site.
the transporting of items or merchandise from one place to another.
Applying this test, it is clear that an arbitration clause is not directly relevant to the shipment, carriage and delivery of goods.
a moving part of a machine that carries other parts into the required position.
a typewriter carriage
a person’s bearing or deportment.
her carriage was graceful, her movements quick and deft
the harboring of a potentially disease-causing organism by a person or animal that does not contract the disease.
The likelihood that antibiotic use will, in the short term, result in carriage of a resistant organism needs to be built into clinical decision making.
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  • coach, car, passenger car, flatcar, boxcar
  • posture, bearing
  • coach, passenger car
  • equipage, rig
  • pram, baby buggy, perambulator, go-cart, baby carriage, pusher, stroller, pushchair
Lebih sedikit sinonim
He had very handsome features with a strong muscular frame, tall and strong-limbed with gracefulcarriage and dignified bearing.
a US army howitzer and carriage
Twelve horses pulled the magnificent carriage across the road and through puddles of mud of varying size and depth.
Her carriage was royal, and her bearing haughty and most formal.
It may be that in a few years the letter rate will be meaningless, as nobody sends letters anymore, and the other rates simply reflect the cost of carriage .
A covered carriage with sled runners pulled by four strong horses is awaiting its passengers.
On the left, there is a horse-drawn carriage , minus the horses.
The man who had just spoken was a slender one, fair of feature, and his carriage was bold as he approached my position.
The likelihood that antibiotic use will, in the short term, result in carriage of a resistant organism needs to be built into clinical decision making.
Amtrak also competes with Greyhound and other private bus lines in passenger carriage .
Slowly, over the hill came a carriage being pulled by two large brown horses.
Small (four-seat) and expensive, they offered carriage at speed and cost two to three times that by stage wagon.
her carriage was graceful, her movements quick and deft
The rolling stock will be provided by the company and meets all European standards for carriage of passengers.
a typewriter carriage
It was a train – a passenger carriage , decked in nothing but black and white.
The high and uncertain cost of carriage by pack train encouraged demands for the introduction of speedier and more flexible means of transport.
That is no reason why a contract should not subsequently be made to include an obligation of propercarriage from the commencement of the voyage.
Breakthrough infections and chronic carriage were clearly and strongly related to peak antibody concentrations.
As it approached James fired a warning shot in the air, which erupted with a loud bang that echoed through the trees, and the horses pulling the carriage reared and it came to a halt.
The licence that is pleaded is a licence under the State Act which is only required for intrastatecarriage .
This is a broad definition, encompassing essentially the whole carriage and deportment of the body.
A couple have told how they are lucky to be alive after a horse pulling their carriage ran amok and started a stampede during a holiday pleasure trip.
a horse-drawn carriage
There were seven people sitting in the carriage being pulled by four proud horses.
Two horses were pulling the carriage but Jok was not guiding them.
The weapon carriage is lightweight welded aluminum, mounted on a variable recoil mechanism.
a horse-drawn carriage
It was the fault of a vehicle falling off the bridge onto the railway, which caused a freight train to crash into a passenger carriage .
He was no older than myself but he had the bearing and carriage of a full grown man.
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