Terjemahan dari bachelor
bachelor, stag, celibacy, celibate, celibatarian
bachelor, servant, flunky, footman, celibate, lackey
youth, bachelor
sarjana muda
baccalaureate, bachelor, postgraduate
laki-laki yg belum kawin
laki-laki yg belum menikah
Definisi bachelor
a man who is not and has never been married.
Mark is a confirmed bachelor
a person who holds an undergraduate degree from a university or college (only in titles or set expressions).
he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy
a young knight serving under another’s banner.
  • unmarried man
  • knight bachelor
Mark is a confirmed bachelor
The Teacher TRAC program allows students to complete a bachelor of arts degree in liberal studies and a teaching credential in four years.
I recently graduated from the Florida International University with a bachelor ‘s degree in hotel management.
I transferred from Vassar to Harvard University and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a bachelor of arts degree in economics.
She believed him to be a bachelor , although she found out his true status within a short time.
Ms. Cabral earned her bachelor ‘s degree from University of California, Davis and her master’s degree from Harvard University.
Charlie Sanders was the kind of man who offered guests tea on a silver service accompanied by fine homemade scones, yet he would remain a bachelor all his life.
Senior colleges and universities do not offer bachelor ‘s degrees in specialized vocational fields or do not choose to allocate resources for such degrees.
A graduate of Florida State University with a bachelor ‘s degree in marketing, Roffler has more than 11 years of tire-industry experience.
Adolescent males join a roaming bachelor herd and don’t mate until they’re anywhere from 15 to 20 years old.
He continued his studies, graduating with a bachelor of arts degree in piano performance from the University of Alaska-Fairbanks.
I attended McMaster University for my Honors bachelor ‘s degree in physics (summa cum laude).
Palmer is a 1997 graduate of Ohio State University with a bachelor ‘s degree in nursing.
She holds a bachelor ‘s degree from Harvard University.
Never at ease when alone, bachelor males routinely seek the company of other species of monkey.
Perez holds a master’s degree in business administration from Stanford University, and a bachelor ‘s of arts degree from Monterrey Tech in Mexico.
She graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor of science degree in graphic design from the College of Saint Rose.
Goldberg graduated from Brandeis University with a bachelor ‘s degree in economics and received an MBA from the University of Chicago.
The stallions form bachelor groups with other stallions until they assume leadership of their own family, whereupon they attempt to keep other stallions away.
The former air hostess claims she had been seeing the prince, who has a reputation as a confirmedbachelor , for five years.
A bachelor , he retired to a cottage in North Wales, but continued a close association with his older contemporaries in the West Midlands.
He graduated from Dalhousie University with a bachelor of science degree in chemical engineering.
A lifelong bachelor , he devoted himself to the FBI.
Mitchell will graduate this spring from Tufts University with a bachelor ‘s degree in political science with a minor in economics.
There comes a time in every dashing young bachelor ‘s life when it is only proper to settle down and start a family.
During his early years in Iquitos, he pursued this passion more formally, enrolling in the local university to earn a bachelor ‘s degree in biology.
it’s just one room, a bachelor
Prior to joining Scripps, Smith graduated from Northern Arizona University with a bachelor ‘s degree in physics and astronomy.
John M. died a bachelor at the age of ninety in 1878 and was the last of those living who helped rebuild the town’s church after a devastating fire in 1811.8
He earned three degrees at Harvard University: a bachelor ‘s in economics, an MBA, and a PhD in business economics.
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