Terjemahan dari arbitrary
yg bukan berdasarkan akal sehat
arbitrary, despotic, high-handed, masterful, wanton, magisterial
yg berubah-ubah
changeable, changeful, variable, varied, fickle, arbitrary
Definisi arbitrary
based on random choice or personal whim, rather than any reason or system.
his mealtimes were entirely arbitrary
sinonim: capricious, whimsical, random, chance, unpredictable, casual, wanton, unmotivated, motiveless, unreasoned, unsupported, irrational, illogical, groundless, unjustified, personal, discretionary, subjective
  • capricious, whimsical, random, chance, unpredictable, casual, wanton, unmotivated,motiveless, unreasoned, unsupported, irrational, illogical, groundless, unjustified, personal,discretionary, subjective
  • autocratic, dictatorial, autarchic, undemocratic, despotic, tyrannical, authoritarian, high-handed, absolute, uncontrolled, unlimited, unrestrained
If not, what is to prevent the exercise of excessive or arbitrary power?
Freedom from arbitrary power is a great good – but so is the avoidance of anarchy.
How you can tell whether a binary number of arbitrary size is divisible by 10 without looking at the whole number?
Why couldn’t people see that tradition, while rather arbitrary , was the only fair way to do things?
A right of access to a court is one of the checks on the danger of arbitrary power.…
Curbs were placed on the arbitrary exercise of power and steps were taken to give some measure of regularity to the legal system.
So too, one might think that an organized police force poses less of a threat of arbitrary power than a volunteer force.
Capricious and arbitrary as the system might be, it serves several contradictory needs at once.
They have, I believe, lost their way and taken a path that can only lead back to the supremacy ofarbitrary power.
This numbering system is an arbitrary designation based on small amino acid sequence differences.
To put those forms of authority on the same register as the state and-worse-subject them all to thearbitrary power of the state is not helpful.
The numbering of years is a cultural artifact based on some rather arbitrary decisions made along the way.
The use of the severity and rarity criteria has meant that arbitrary and unjust decisions have been applied to many claims.
These kings have not unlimited or arbitrary power, and the generals do more by example than by authority.
It also meant freedom from arbitrary power, which by 1792 was being routinely identified as the power of any king.
His either/or choice was arbitrary and unnecessary, and he hurt his organization as a result.
The question seemed rather arbitrary with no rhyme or reason whatsoever.
He defined differential operators of arbitrary order D t.
But why should we give that arbitrary power to any civil servant?
Yes, this requires work – but that is what makes it a justice system rather than one of arbitrarypunishment.
By the time of the Revolution, the standing army had become a symbol of repressive authority andarbitrary rule.
This system was so arbitrary and irrational that it resulted in large numbers of poor persons being excluded.
The following films deal with rebellion against arbitrary or repressive authority.
The very idea of the rule of law is partly derived from the conclusion that it is reasonable and morally good to limit arbitrary power.
In the fourteenth century, two parallel movements were under way to enforce Magna Carta’s curbs onarbitrary royal authority.
In contemporary frameworks, the rule of generalization invokes a singular term, the arbitrary constant introduced into the text.
For tabular presentation we used arbitrary cut off values.
I prefer to have my laws built on reason rather than arbitrary morality.
That was the system – arbitrary , incomprehensible, illogical – and fairness had nothing to do with it.
Any system of classification is arbitrary and thus frail, subject to the contradictions of experience



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