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Haircut Dilemma

The school authorities were stymied. Public opinion had been marshaled against them. No longer was it a simple case of disciplining two wayward lads. Suddenly it had taken on the appearance of a nightmare in which the principal was either hanged in effigy or pictured in cartoons making a villainous swipe at the two innocent Samsons. But the officials could not allow Ron and Len to flout their authority with impunity. Members of the school board concurred with the principal’s action but they were cognizant of the popular support for the boys. Clearly a compromise was called for to resolve the turbulent situation.

  • Stymied – terhalangi
  • Marshal – menyusun
  • Marshaled against – disusun uintuk melawan kepada
  • wayward – bertingkah
  • lad – cowok
  • Hang in effigy – membakar gambar/patung seseorang
  • Villainous – keji, kejam
  • Swipe – pukulan
  • flout – mencemoohkan
  • impunity – kebebasan dari hukuman
  • cognizant – awas, waspada
  • compromise – kompromi, hal yg disetujui bersama
  • called for – dibutuhkan
  • turbulent – bergolak, panas



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