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Dany Escobedo Goes to Jail

In 1960, a young Chicagoan, Danny Escobedo, was given a 20-year jail sentence for first-degree murder. Danny had confessed to complicity in the killing of his brother-in-law after the police had refused to allow him to see his lawyer. Actually, Danny was tricked into blaming a friend for the liquidation of his sister’s husband, thereby establishing himself as an accomplice. Despite the fact that Danny later recanted his confession, he was found culpable and jailed. Danny had been stereotyped as a hoodlum and nobody raised an eyebrow over the hapless felon’s troubles.

  • complicity- keterlibatan
  • liquidation- pemusnahan
  • thereby – dengan demikian
  • accomplice- kaki tangan, antek
  • recanted- menarik kembali
  • culpable- bersalah
  • stereotyped- a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing.
  • hoodlum- penjahat
  • raised an eyebrow
  • hapless – apes, sial
  • felon – penjahat
  • felony – kejahatan besar
  • petty felony – kejahatan kecil



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