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Call Me By My Right Name

My cousin refers to himself as a “sanitary engineer” – a euphemism for garbage collector. There are any number of people who try to find more respectable or glamorous titles for the mundane job they hold. It may seem incongruous to call an undertaker a “condolence counselor,” or to refer to a taxi driver as a “transportation expediter,” but some prefer those titles. As a matter of fact, our butcher has stipulated that from now on he wants to be known as a”meat co-ordinator.” He became irate when I inadvertently called him Butch.


  • Euphemism – ungkapan halus
  • Respectable – terhormat
  • Glamorous – sangat menarik dan mempesona
  • Mundane – biasa-biasa saja, duniawi
  • incongruous – tidak layak/pantas
  • undertaker – petugas pemakaman
  • condolence – belasungkawa, pernyataan turut berduka cita
  • counsellor – penasihat
  • butcher – tukang daging/jagal
  • stipulate – menyatakan
  • irate – sangat marah
  • inadvertently – secara tidak sengaja



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