The Satellite of Nusantara 1

The Satellite of Nusantara 1

The Nusantara Satellite was launched today from Cape Canaveral, Florida, United States. This satellite is indeed extraordinary. In Indonesia, he will make satellites that are in Indosat become old school. Why? Because this is a broadband satellite with a speed of 15 Gbps (15 gigabits per second). This is the latest technology using High Throughput Satellite (HTS). So that the internet speed up to you can reach 25 Mbps. Now compare with the conventional satellite speed that we now feel. The maximum speed of only 5 Mbps. This means that the satellite is 5 times faster than it is.

But to get this satellite is not easy. Aside from qualified human resources, the price is also not cheap. The price reaches USD 230 million or around Rp 3 trillion. That doesn’t include ground satellite and other hardware. Without a far-reaching vision of the archipelago to succeed, this investment in super expensive satellites will not be realized. Now after this satellite starts operating, which is estimated to be two weeks away, all internet applications will enter the revolutionary round of technology 4.0.

I am sure that after this satellite operates, a giant data center will emerge in Indonesia. This investment is very profitable for the business world. Why? All sectors will be connected in the IT system both through IoT and artificial intelligence. It is not impossible that Indonesia will become a Hub for Internet gateways in the fields of banking, insurance, health, education, and research which has been monopolized by Singapore and Hongkong

My friend, an investment manager, said that with the progress of the online business and the emergence of the Unicorn business in Indonesia and the largest number of internet users in Southeast Asia, IT-based businesses are indeed profitable and have good prospects. With the existence of a large capacity, satellite backbone infrastructure will make the cost of IT networks easy and fast. This is what will trigger Indonesia to enter the leading competition in seizing opportunities for the presence of 4.0 technology. Without the vision of a president like Jokowi, we are still among the countries with the worst internet service in the world, even in ASEAN we lose.

Adapted from Facebook Group “Diskusi Dengan Babo”



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