Prince Schubert in Action

Prince Schubert’s first move was to declare an amnesty for political prisoners and to invite home all Ruritanian expatriates. Those who had been jailed on false charges were exonerated by special tribunals. The young leader announced that he would abrogate all of the oppressive fiats which his predecessor had promulgated. Things began to look up temporarily for the citizen who perceived in Prince Schubert the sincerity, idealism, and honesty which had been lacking in the mendacious King Andre.

  • amnesty- pengampunan
  • expatriate-  a person who lives outside their native country
  • exonerate- membuktikan tidak bersalah
  • tribunal- pengadilan
  • abrogate – membatalkan, menghapuskan
  • oppressive- bersikap menindas
  • fiat -perintah
  • predecessor – pendahulu
  • promulgate- promote or make widely known (an idea or cause)
  • temporarily- untuk sementara
  • sincerity – ketulusan
  • mendacious -berdusta



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