Going to the Source

The wide variety of reasons people have for buying one product rather than another are investigated by the advertising people in order to prepare efficacious commercials. They do not have the slightest qualm about questioning the consumer about personal things in her own domicile. The consumer is requested not to expurgate her answers. Generally, people are not reticent and do not begrudge giving the time and effort. The questions delve rather deeply, and what the artless responses divulge will help the advertiser decide what to put into his next commercial. After a large number of interviews, the copious results make it feasible to prognosticate how well the commercial will do. The interviewer usually offers no gratuity to the person who has helped; but often a sample of the product is proffered as thanks.

  • efficacious- berkhasiat, mujarab, manjur
  • qualm- rasa cemas/sesal/muak
  • expurgate- remove matter thought to be objectionable or unsuitable from (a book or account).
  • reticent- segan, yg dapat menahan diri, not revealing one’s thoughts or feelings readily.
  • begrudge- iri hati, menyesalkan
  • delve- menggali, menyelidiki, mempelajari, menyelami
  • divulge- membocorkan, membuka rahasia, mengumumkan
  • feasible- layak, mungkin, yg dapat dilaksanakan
  • prognosticate- meramalkan, memberitahukan sebelum terjadi
  • gratuity- a tip given to a waiter, taxicab driver, etc.
  • proffered – disodorkan, diajukan, ditawarkan



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