Courtroom Drama

There was an ominous silence when the jittery defendant rose in court. He explained in a tremulous voice what had led him to repudiate his confession made at the police station on the night of the crime. The audience began to buz excitedly until the judge demanded a cessation of the noise. Although the district attorney bristled with anger, the defendant kept insisting that his rights had been violated because he had not been told that he could see a lawyer before confessing.

  • Ominous – tidak menyenangkan, mengancam, kelabu
  • jittery – gelisah, gugup
  • tremulous – yg gemetar
  • repudiate – menarik, menanggalkan, menolak
  • buz – mencemooh
  • cessation – penghentian, gencatan
  • district attorney – jaksa wilayah
  • Britled – meremang, bulu kuduknya berdiri karena marah
  • defendant – pembela



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