Your letters: Something smells rotten

I refer to an article titled “AirAsia admits administrative negligence,” (The Jakarta Post, Jan. 14).

It cannot be as simple as it is described here. How could it be that passengers’ booked flights months in advance of the flight date, without suspicions being aroused?

How could it be that flight controllers at Indonesian air traffic control had no idea that the flights were not scheduled? And how come air traffic control at Changi airport in Singapore had no clue that there were unscheduled flights entering Singapore airspace?

Something smells rotten here. Of course, the Indonesian government’s reaction is to deny any collusion, fraud or malfeasance, but politicians and officials are well versed in lies and dishonesty, with the truth being just another version of events.

Maurice Gold

  • rotten – Rotten also means bad: a rotten trick rotten behavior
  • collusion – agreement, esp. in secret for an illegal or dishonest reason: The companies were accused of acting in collusion to fix prices.
  • malfeasance – the fact of someone in a position of authority intentionally doing something dishonest or illegal: These laws were put in place to discourage malfeasance by public officials.

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