Terjemahan dari sumptuous
luxurious, plush, posh, sumptuous, lavish, deluxe
expensive, high, plush, dear, sumptuous, scarce
Definisi sumptuous
splendid and expensive-looking.
the banquet was a sumptuous, luxurious meal
sinonim: lavish, luxurious, opulent, magnificent, resplendent, gorgeous, splendid, grand, lavishly appointed, palatial, rich, plush, ritzy
  • lavish, luxurious, opulent, magnificent, resplendent, gorgeous, splendid, grand, lavishly appointed, palatial, rich, plush, ritzy
  • luxurious, deluxe, opulent, princely, grand, gilded
After a sumptuous five course meal the gathering danced the night away to some great music.
The stag group had enjoyed a sumptuous meal at one of Hungarian’s finest restaurants.
If you want to travel cheaply and save the pennies for a sumptuous hotel, fly with Ryanair from Prestwick to Beauvais.
It is staging Swan Lake and The Sleeping Beauty, both of which feature sumptuous scores by Tchaikovsky.
Ride a historic shipjack or end the day with a sumptuous meal of Maryland crabs.
Much the same could be said of a meal which started outstandingly with two sumptuous starters.
It is one of the most stunning buildings in the Clyde Valley and clearly belongs to a bygone age ofsumptuous extravagance.
It was a sumptuous affair that showed Laois has facilities to compare with the very best Ireland has to offer.
The Queen walks past layer upon layer of sumptuous jewels, magically lighting them up as she goes.
In this respect, there is a proverb that if a person with a warm heart gives a glass of cold water, it is really a sumptuous meal.
The set pieces with full orchestral backing are sumptuous , rich collages of light and colour.
The other 11 rooms are a bit cramped, though have the same sumptuous fabrics and comfort levels as public rooms.
The most sumptuous painting in this show is Titian’s Diana and Actaeon.
The sumptuous feast ended with a note of caution on how not to overeat.
The truth is that, at present, I only have to lift my eyes by ten degrees and I have a sumptuouspanoramic view of a building site.
The inside of each individually-designed bag is equally sumptuous , in baby silk pink or deep opulent red.
The guests were treated to a sumptuous meal of varied Indian dishes, one tastier than the next.
Deep yellow-green, this has a sumptuous perfumed nose of rich tropical fruits.
This exquisitely delicate fruit quite rightly features in many sumptuous dessert recipes.
Their rich, sumptuous food contrasted with the simple and plain food prepared by the ordinary people of Nepal.
His entertainments were, for the most part, plain and citizenlike, the company general and popular; good taste and kindness made them pleasanter than sumptuosity would have done.
When the dome will be restored, the world will have back the sumptuosity of one of the most meaningful masterpiece of the international capital of Baroque style.
It really is sumptuously gorgeous music, and, thus, almost impossible to single out highlights.
As a matter of courtesy its sumptuosity and splendor were placed at the disposal of the new King.
The King Is Dancing is occasionally richly acted, always sumptuously photographed and choreographed, but ultimately an empty cinematic experience.
This landmark exhibition represents an unprecedented opportunity to experience the sumptuousnessand the glamour associated with the Mughal Empire.
While couples can marry legally without such a ceremony, only a grand wedding with a series of events over several weeks will maintain family honour in a society where the sumptuousness of the party is closely monitored by the neighbours.
This sumptuously illustrated, elegantly designed history of the organization’s first two decades is a bit short on text, but the book abounds in visual allure.
In Elizabethan England, these laws attempted to restrict the sumptuousness of dress in order to curb extravagance, protect fortunes, and make clear the necessary and appropriate distinctions between levels of society.
They involved displays of sumptuosity and the flaunting of rare and precious skills that only the idle rich could cultivate.



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