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The Enlightened One

Siddharta exchanged his sumptuous garments for a monk’s yellow robe and went out into the world to do penance for what he considered to be his previous life of sin. First she would clean himself by becoming an ascetic; then he would study Hindu wisdom in order to be prepared to help his suffering people. After six years of desultory  wandering and attracting only a handful of disciples, Sidharta came to a huge tree near the Indian city of Gaya. For seven weeks he sat beneath its branches, seeking an answer for his personal torment. Finally, it is said, he underwent a metamorphosis, becoming the Enlightened One – the Buddha.

  • sumptuous- splendid and expensive-looking.
  • monk- rahib, biarawan
  • penance- penebusan dosa
  • ascetic- pertapa
  • desultory- lacking a plan, purpose, or enthusiasm.
  • disciple- murid, pengikut, penganut
  • torment- cause to experience severe mental or physical suffering, penyiksaan
  • enlightened – tercerahkan



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