Terjemahan dari trumpet
trumpet, horn, bugle
bunyi terompet
trumpet, toot, trumpet call
bugle, trumpet
broadcast, air, spread, relay, flash, trumpet
memainkan terompet
Definisi trumpet
a brass musical instrument with a flared bell and a bright, penetrating tone. The modern instrument has the tubing looped to form a straight-sided coil, with three valves.
Nor is it all normal trumpets: this CD boasts piccolo trumpets, bass trumpets , cornets and flugelhorns, as well as a smattering of percussion.
a North American pitcher plant.
The yellow trumpets should be grown in a bright place, with direct sunlight.
play a trumpet.
figures of two trumpeting angels
proclaim widely or loudly.
the press trumpeted another defeat for the government
sinonim: proclaim, announce, declare, herald, celebrate, shout from the rooftops
  • horn, trump, cornet
  • call out, bellow, roar, yell, cry out, toot, bugle, holler
  • proclaim, announce, declare, herald, celebrate, shout from the rooftops
The loud trumpet sounds from the Elephant large as he knocks down a tree in a single charge.
It is a noise half-way between a lion’s roar and the trumpet of an irritated elephant.
While they were eating, a small jazz band in the corner, made up of only a trumpet , trombone, clarinet, tuba, flute, and drums, provided music.
As we headed back, we suddenly heard the trumpet of an elephant that was extremely close.
There was no sound except the crackle of the fire, a hyena cry and the occasional trumpet of an elephant.
They were enrolled in beginning school ensemble programs, with most of them learning the clarinet,trumpet , flute or saxophone.
My mother played some piano and my father was able to play violin, some piano, saxophone, clarinet,trumpet and trombone.
Some politicians trumpet these results very loudly as some sort of achievement.
So far, I have never seen any hummingbirds there, although I am told that they find trumpet flowers irresistible.
his voice blazed to a trumpet in his indignation
They are also accomplished musicians too, playing saxophone, trumpet , trombone, harmonica and acoustic guitar.
Dad played the saxophone, clarinet, trumpet or cornet, and the French horn.
The Bohemian works were written for the keyed trumpet’s predecessor, the valve trumpet .
I play a number of different instruments including guitar, trumpet , flute and saxophone, but my main interest is composing.
Most of them were holding an instrument of some sort, whether it was a trumpet or trombone, snare drum or flute.
The reason that she is not doing so is she does not like good figures; she wants to trumpet old and bad figures that actually do not relate to the reality, at all.
This blended apparently effortlessly with vocals, a trumpet , flute, saxophone, guitars and drums.
The Angel’s trumpet flower produces a narcotic scent used by South American shamans to induce visionary dreams.
Children also get to learn the saxophone, clarinet, trumpet , trombone, guitar, violin, and drums, among other things.
Soon afterwards, he joined the local brass band, learning first the trombone, then the trumpet and cornet.
Five times a jackal barks in the cold season, and the elephants trumpet and donkeys bay many times more.
As he ran he heard a distant bugle of a brass trumpet .
He was a multi-instrumentalist skilled on the saxophone, the flute, the trumpet and other instruments he invented because he felt he needed a new sound.
Common trumpet reed names are Posaune, Bombard, Trumpet, and Clarion.
It produces large trumpet , ivory white flowers which open a lovely pale primrose yellow, fading gradually to pure white.
On this recording, there are nine violins, three violas, three cellos, a double bass, one flute, three oboes, one bassoon, three trumpets , a set of timpani, and a harpsichord.
It’s a member of the daffodil family, but looks much more delicate than the big yellow trumpetdaffodils you see in people’s yards in the spring.
Announced in February, the deal was trumpeted as creating Scotland’s biggest law firm – at least in number of partners.
Later, the chorus was taken up by elephants trumpeting as they came down to drink.
The yellow trumpets should be preferably located in a place where it can have at least a few hours a day of direct solar light.
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